Delicious homemade fish shawarma

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I will be preparing crispy, yummy, and delicious homemade shawarma today. It's not like I can't buy these snacks outside, but the last time I tried to buy them, I discovered that they were more expensive than doing them at home.

The excuse that was given to me by the guy selling it was that the ingredients were now expensive, so I decided to make it myself. DIY, haha, so let's get into the kitchen to make the yummy shawarma.

Ingredients are:

Shawarma bread (1 bag)

Fish (500g)

Cabbage (500g)

Carrots (70g)

Chili (40g)

Groundnut oil (75 ml)

Mayonnaise (200g)

Salt (full teaspoon)

Seasoning cube (1 cube)


I decided to make fish shawarma instead of the regular chicken shawarma I always buy, so let's get to work.

I cut the fish, then wash the dirt off. After that, I pack them inside a clean pot, then add two teacups of water for boiling. I also added half a teaspoon of salt.

I proceeded by cutting the veggies, rinsing the carrots, and then making use of a grater for the carrots because I wanted them to be very soft, so I grated them.

I started slicing the cabbage beside the carrots and then kept it on one side because the first was already cooked.

I made use of two forks to debone the fish, then set it aside.

The next thing to do is fry. I poured the groundnut oil into a small frying pan.

I allowed it to get hot before pouring the fish.

I added the remaining half teaspoon of salt and the one seasoning cube, the small quantity of chili, and stirred it so that the seasoning could influence the fish. I fried it for two seconds.

After that, I transferred the fried sauce into a clean bowl.

I poured the sliced cabbage inside as well and then stirred it.

I added the carrot and then stirred it.

Then the remaining chili pepper was added as well, then I stirred it.

Lastly, I added the mayonnaise and stirred it very well so that the mayonnaise could influence the sauce.

I took the shawarma bread open top layer.

I placed them on each other, poured some sauce on the first layer, and wrapped it up with the second layer.

The same process was applied to the rest of the bread until there was no sauce again.

I packed them inside a bigger frying pan, then put them on the burner. I baked them on low heat for two minutes.

I turned it to the other side and left it for 1 minute before removing it from the frying pan.

Now that the fish homemade shawarma was ready.

I made use of a knife to cut it into two to see what it looked like inside.

You can have it with any kind of drink of your choice.



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This was a fairly well presented post, just a bit hard to find the instructions amid rather excessive photos. Can I suggest just posting the best one for each step and/or using collages when there are a lot of them to go between each instruction.

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