Found cheaper food for good deal at the mall

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Few days ago , i went to NORTHPOINT mall and i found an interesting hidden cheap deal for good food. The cheapest price food from hawker that you can get here was $1 for cooked and ready to be serve vegetables and at least $1.50 for any cooked meat (it might can be higher depends on the meat , like if you want chicken breast , it might cost around $3.50)

Usually , normal average person in Singapore will order a rice , 2 vegetables and any types of meat that can be cost up to $5 . Oh , i forget to include rice which price range 70 cents to $ 1 depends where you order the meal and type of rice which was either white or brown rice. Some people can spend $8 for each meal from the hawkers because choosing a lot variety of foods. For me , i always try to save as much as i can so either i ll order meal with rice , a vegetables and meat which cost around $3 - $4 , and sometimes i only buy 2 types of vegetables which cost $2 and bring it home so i can eat it with rice that i cook at home.

Talking about rice , you can find rice as low as $3 for 1kg of rice at shopping mall . Suprisingly the rice brand for that rice was very expensive in Malaysia like BASMATI brand.

Ok , talking about the good deal , here what i found at the mall . The whole chicken with price $7.90 . Yes , i bought it and it quite delicious . I can eat that chicken for lunch , dinner and of course for tommorow breakfast . Of course you need to reheat it so it keep taste good.

If i divided it to 3 , it still cost $2.80 which was expensive. Eee , i forgot to tell you that it was food for 2 of us .

The pork belly roasted was also cheap , it was 100 gram for $4.50. Still a good of deal , but if you want to buy eat each of it was around 300 gram which would cost around $12+. We only buy it for maybe once in a month and it good for 2 meal since it was very delicious it finished quicly . :p.

Getting to know good place like this is a blessed for us and we would love to thank for the shop owner that giving good deal for good food .

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