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Greetings to everyone! Welcome back to Terracore Domination. The giveaway is back again but this time with better rewards.

Terracore is a idle mining game based on blockchain technology. It is the first game with which I have stepped into the entertainment of crypto gaming. I have joined this game around 8 months back. The initial investment needed to hop onto the game is $HIVE worth of ~$10. You can use hive keychain extension on your web browser to log into the game.

Terracore Domination.png

As I have already mentioned that I have been playing this game for more than 8 months now, I have gathered basics and to some extent, the advanced of the game. This game is really fun to play and addictive too, but; the good thing although being addictive is that the game does not requires much of your time. Hardly 30 minutes a day is enough to progress in the game smoothly. As it is a idle mining game, the game works even in your absence. The thing you need to make sure is to claim your mined $SCRAP token if possible every 4 hours.

I would like to invite you guys to join the game. My invite is only to enjoy the game and have fun exploring new planets in the game. From financial point of view, every thing involves a risk factor, so if you like to have fun playing and enjoying a idle mining game based on blockchain technology, trust me, you will not be disappointed.

To encourage new players, I have come up with an idea to giveaway my earned $SCRAP in the game. This will help you to get some free $SCRAP every day if you are the selected one. I shall be giving away 3 $SCRAP token every day. I shall be using a random comment picker to pick the winner.

Rules for Participating

  • Drop a comment
  • And that's it !

Upvoting the post is optional, but I'll appreciate.

Draw #75 Result

Winner of the last draw is @supriya.gupta !
Congratulation and Keep hunting Scraps :)

Screenshot (305).png

Here's your prize

Screenshot (302).png

About the Game

Terracore is a idle mining game. The native mining token of the game is $SCRAP. Thus, you can mine $SCRAP from the game. The game lets you claim your mined $SCRAP token with a replenished claim every four hours with a maximum claim limit of 5. After that claim limit will not increase. You can use claims back to back until you have 0 claim. Now, apart from only mining, you can also attack other players in the Terracore planet. Similar to the claims, we have replenished attacks in every four hours with a maximum limit of 8 attacks in the vault. Thus, in a day, you get 6 attacks to be precise. To ATTACK someone, you have to have your attack power more than the DEFENSE power of your rival. Ok, so you will be having ATTACK power and DEFENSE power in the game which can be upgraded.

Apart from them, You shall be having a STASH to accommodate your mined $SCRAP and earned scrap from battle. With increasing the size of the stash, you shall be increasing two other factors called DODGE and LUCK. Dodge helps you to dodge an upcoming attack, while LUCK comes handy while doing BOSS fights for NFTs. ENGINEERING lets you mine at a definite rate, the more you level up, the more SCRAP you can mine. You have NFTs in the game to boosts your in game stats. You can salvage them to earn another currency called $FLUX which is required to do boss fights and quests and from boss fights crates are dropped containing NFTs of different rarity.

My Terracore Activity

Here are my recent stats -

Screenshot (303).png

As you know after reaching 600 mark for attack, my goal is to reach 600 on defense too. So, today I did upgrade my defense by a level and that brought me to a total defense of 594.427. I am going to upgrade my defense now, just so I can hit the 600 mark. I have plenty of days in my hand to do the next upgrade. Since the SCRAP price is low, I am not planning to sell rather spend on upgrading my stats.

Here is a recent one from my battle log stats-

Screenshot (304).png

My defense is on a decent level considering my engineering level. I loss SCRAP mostly during night. Can't help. Haha! As you can see that I have lost around 150 SCRAP from a single attack few hours ago; I've been away for couple of hours and you can see the result. I will work on my defense again before upgrading my engineering. It is always good to have your defense at least 15+ levels than your engineering to collect your mined SCRAP after 4 hours, well not always, but still works.

You can use my referral to sign up. For each successful registration using my link, I shall provide you with a 100 $SCRAP.

My Referral to join the game

Much appreciated if you join using my referral. Even if not you are whole heartedly welcome to the game.

Official Terracore Site

If you like my work and would like to support me, you can do so by joining my fanbase by clicking this link

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