A Sunny Day Got Captured in My Gallery


Greetings everyone! I hope you guys are doing great. It was a sunny day here in my locality. The Sun was playing hide and seek for quite a few days with us, finally today, I was so relieved to see a sunny day. I was not happy cause it is just a normal day, but because my brother is going to take the charge of a new school, after serving for around 10 years in a another district, he finally got the opportunity to come back to his own district. He was happy and so the entire family, typical Indian family, where parents are happy when their kids are around them.

His new school is around 40 Kilometer from our house. I was free today and thought of accompanying him to his special day, so I got ready with him and make our way to the school in the morning at around 7 o'clock.

But look at Buddy, he too wanted to go with us and looked more offended when he knew he was not going with us. Poor Buddy, we will see you soon and I brought out the car from the garage and we both started our trip to school.



The newly constructed bridge which connects two important places in our locality, looked beautiful.


After driving for around an hour, we finally reached our destination. The atmosphere of the school was so calming and pleasant. Rows of trees can be seen on either side of the path from the school gate to the school building.




I saw some native sheep grazing on a field nearby, as I walked for few meters when my brother was doing some official formalities.


Everything went great and every other staff was hospitable and showed great love. We came back from the school at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We were hungry and stopped at a restaurant to fill our tummy with delicious Assamese cuisines. My bad, I forgot to capture it.


On our way back to home, the sun began to set in the west and I clicked the beautiful sunset.

That is all from today, a sunny day and a beautiful one. Indeed! Get fall in love with these green while we mostly get busy and stuck in rush city life. Until then, take care and I will see you soon.

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