Learn2code then next big tribe ?


Hello dear, a few time ago @holovision and i had a little chat somewhere under a post but i don't rember wich one and this lead to this : https://peakd.com/hive-163521/@holovision/should-hive-have-a-learn-to-code-token, the first official mention of the idea. Seeing that the project was quite appreciated holovision choose to make the dream come true.

After creating the @learn2code account there was a few more post about this.

The most interesting one is the withepaper as it allow us to know a few more details about the project.

First the supply info.

Relevant Topics and Tags
#hive-188262 (community tag is required for rewards pool)
Used for any Learn to Code tribe announcements, contests/hackathons, Hive project promotions, posts about the tribe and/or BYTE token, etc.

Can be used along with #hive-188262 tag. Tag for posts about our new Learn to Code tribe, questions about programming, tutorial posts, and topics relevant to the tribe's scope but not fitting neatly into other tag categories, such as historical posts about computers and pioneers in the field, or speculative topics like quantum computing.

Used for posts concerning programming languages, tools like GitHub Copilot, etc.

#software is a pre-existing tag on Hive. If a post discusses a commercial software program, such as tax software, it is likely not tag abuse. However, if a post about software employs numerous other tribe tags like #palnet, #actifit, #hive-engine, etc., it may be an attempt to farm BYTE tokens undeservedly.

Used for posts about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, physical computing, digital and/or analog electronics, etc.

Similar to the #software caveat, the Learn to Code tribe doesn't have a monopoly on the #hardware tag. A legitimate post, such as a review of a graphics card, may not be intended to farm BYTE tokens. Consider other tags used in such posts and the user's posting history to discern whether it constitutes tag abuse.

For posts concerning blockchain development, particularly on Hive.

For now, the only excluded tag is #actifit.

Rewards are split 50% liquide/ 50 staked, payout after 8 days, 8 days for full VP recharge.

BYTE token will begin with an initial supply being minted and then set up to continue minting 204 new BYTE tokens every 128 Hive blocks (27) over a period of 255 years (28-1).

The initial supply of BYTE minted to begin is 22,824,796 BYTE.

Distrinuted as follows:

5 million BYTE to founder (@holovision.stem)
5 million BYTE to @learn2code account.
4 million BYTE split up and delegate between 4 tribe moderators (22).
1 million BYTE to be put on exchanges before launch
7,824,796 BYTE for Learn to Code tribe fund (future contest prizes, LP rewards, ect.

Talking about the 4million token splitted betwheen moderators here are the moderators :

@memess.byte (me)

You can currently buy some token on the exchange for 0.001 SWAP.HIVE per token.

Now you know more about this token, feel free to post some development content and get some more rewards : )

Your faithful, @memess


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