Poor sleeping hygiene,the habit of sleeping late.

Hello #hiveghana and #ghana thank you so much for this week topics and am glad to write about it.
I don't know when I had formed the habit of sleeping late,am not a morning person infact am a natural night owl.
I had formed the habits of sleeping late without the intentions to acquire it.
I know sleep has a vital role to play in good health and the quality of a good life. I personally wish to overcome stress ,and I know that a good quality sleep would reduce stress and improve my health but it's really difficult for me to sleep early
I wish I could,but it's so difficult for me.

A great number of factors has affected my inability to go to sleep early.

long naps: I don't know if i may be understood but naps hinders my ability to sleep at night,to others, nap may be one of the easiest thing that can happen to them because they could do it easily,however,i envy those guys who can have a beautiful nap and still sleep well at night without struggles and if you are one of them,wow! you are so lucky

School and work:
I remember when I was a student.
I usually read my books at night especially while preparing for examinations,anytime I had a project or anything I needed to give it my undivided attention, I would choose the nights and late hours of the night so i could really concentrate without interruptions.

Caffeine: Have been a coffee lover and it's contains caffeine,which affects my sleep by reducing the ability to fall asleep easily.

Motherhood: motherhood task took the best part of me, it has been a great life experience accompanied with a wide range of changes especially in my sleeping pattern,I can't really remember the last time I slept early.

Family obligations:As a mom and as a wife,my eagerness to care for my family keeps me busy till late night.

Spending time on the internet:screen time has hindered my bed time in great ways,it's the last thing I see myself doing before sleeping

lack of consistent sleeping schedule: I had no specific time for bed time,I guess that's one of the biggest issues,I. usually stay active and busy till when the sleeps finally comes

My love for movies:I love spending time with my family to watch television at night,probably i feel that's when we are all free,and i end up sleeping late.

There are somedays i finish up early but i can't still sleep early because have already been used to the pattern of sleeping late, hoping and wishing I could just fall asleep and it doesn't just happen easily and I end up being, frustrated.because I had though not intentionally, but have trained myself for late night sleep.
I guess am a natural chronotype person and I know it's unhealthy habit which I would love to change if possible.


Yeah from what you are saying it looks like your sleep pattern is messed up. I don’t know why it becomes like that for us sometimes.
I heard you can actually train yourself back to be better.