Adopting Hive as your first crypto token and why this is easy

Hello Hive


While cryptocurrency continues to gain world wide recognition and adoption, coming in as a newbie might be quite overwhelming in several ways.

As a first time investor it might be hard to know what to buy and why.

When you come in through a friend, most times they tend to suggest whatever token they are holding to you and for those that found out through the internet it will be most challenging to know where to begin from.

I guess that is why the news of loss in crypto scares newbies as often times a first timer investor often experience a loss.

Knowing when to get into the market is also important for a newbie.
For instance I had my got 0.2eth when the price of around a 100k and sold off at the slightest rise seeing the price at 300k but not having any idea what HODling means.
Only for me to witness etherium at 2million later.

In another instance I also bought some tokens during the 2021 bull market and I went through emotional hell watching the price go down then, since I had no experience then and the learning process was through my experiences.

It will be important and easy for newbies in crypto to come across blog to earn social media such as hive because if these important reasons.

  • There will be no room for loss as a first time crypto adopter here.
    You can earn your first cryptos as hive without necessarily putting in funds and afraid of losing them.
    After a good while you can hence thing of putting in your hard earned fiats.
  • Hive is listed in so many exchanges and trading hive tokens is so simple and can be learnt in short simple steps.

  • There are discord and communicating channels where you can associate with other hivers easily and gain better knowledge about the token faster.

  • Hive is transparent with your wallet details and how you can keep your tokens safe as well.

Hive is an easy go into the crypto world for any newbie and getting to spread the word an create more visibility for hive will assist as many to adopt crypto easily.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 140 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


Yep. Decentralized, safe and monetized. Hive is like a bubble with lots of goodies for newbies. I can say same of myself