Hello hello hello, everyone!!! How are you all doing, my friends? I hope you're all doing well and having a fantastic day!! Im back with a newest blog today. Our topic for today are about my experiences and journey as a contestant in another Regional event which is the Regional Festival Of Talents, the last contests that I've been participated before I've graduated in my Senior High School Career.

I always joined contests because I want to make the most out of my senior high school journey. Recently, I participated in another regional contest, the Regional Schools Press Conference, and I have a blog about it but now we're gonna talk about this Festival of Talents. In the Festival of Talents, I participated in Sulatanghal, which involves writing a story that will be performed or turned into a script for an acting contest next year. Essentially, it's a scriptwriting-playwright contest. The Festival of Talents starts at the Division level, and I was chosen to participate because they saw my skills in creating stories. Unexpectedly, I won as the champion, and I have a blog about that as well. This victory made me the candidate from our school for the regional level contest.


The Day Of The Event:


April 22, 2024, marked the first day of the event. Before we headed to the venue in Toledo City, Cebu, the school superintendent called all the participants from our city's schools division for a meeting. During this briefing, our SDS gave us some words of encouragement and wished us good luck before we embarked on this significant regional-level event.



Upon arriving at the venue, we were immediately attended to by the facilitators at our billeting place, Sang-I Elementary School in Toledo. They promptly registered us for our respective events and categories, ensuring we knew where we belonged and what was expected of us. We were assigned rooms and beds, given detailed guidance about our stay, and provided with ID permissions for easy access throughout the event.

Since this was a week-long event, the organizers made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. They briefed us on the schedule and important locations, which made the first day quite enjoyable. The welcoming environment and the reassurance that we could easily approach the facilitators if we needed anything added to the positive experience. It was a great start to what promised to be an exciting and memorable week.


Later that night, I prepared my things and the clothes I would wear for tomorrow's opening program at the RFOT. I made sure to have everything in order, including the special T-shirt given to each participant and my ID. This preparation helped calm my nerves and get me excited for the big day ahead. I was eager to represent my school and city, and ready to immerse myself in the experience that awaited.


Day of the Opening Program:


The day of the Opening Program arrived with much anticipation. Before heading out, my coach and I made sure to have a hearty breakfast to fuel us for the day ahead. We then prepared ourselves and made our way to the Toledo Sports Complex, where the program was to be held. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as participants from various schools gathered, ready to kick off the Regional Festival of Talents.



After eating breakfast, my coach and I walked confidently to the venue. As we approached, I began to feel a bit nervous seeing the various participants from different schools and regions. However, I didn't let it affect me and chose to enjoy the day instead. It’s not every day you get to compete at the regional level, especially since the competition at the division level was already fierce. This was a rare opportunity, and I was determined to make the most of it.



When we finally entered the sports complex, the vibrant atmosphere of the crowds gathering filled me with excitement. It truly amazed me how beautiful and grand the event was. Despite competing in many contests before, this was my first time witnessing an event of this magnitude. The organizers had clearly put a lot of effort into it, with thousands of participants present. I was particularly impressed by the opening performances, the cheers, the speeches, and the official start of the event marked by balloons and dancing. After the ceremony, we had lunch, which was generously provided by our school. We enjoyed a delicious Mang Inasal meal, a testament to the school's support for this significant event. I really enjoyed the entire experience and on this day, I prepared my self and rest for the third day which is the day of my category, the Sulatanghal.

Third Day



On the third day, the day of the Sulatanghal category, I woke up with a hint of nervousness about the potential topic we would be given to craft our stories. After waking up, I prayed for guidance and for the new day's blessings, as well as for support in my contest. That morning, I bought some snacks and food to ensure I wouldn't get hungry during the one hour we would have to type our stories on our laptops. After preparing, I headed to the venue for our category.


Upon arrival, I saw the various participants, but I didn't view them as my opponents. Instead, I saw them as fellow students who were also going to do their best in writing their stories based on the given topic. The contest began, and they showed us a single picture: a child looking out of a window, appearing as if they were trapped inside while watching others play outside. I decided to write about a child with mental health issues, titling my story "Tanikala ng Pangarap" or "Chain of Dreams" in English. After finishing my story, I felt a sense of relief and pride. I didn't expect to win, as winning wasn't my primary goal; I was simply proud to have created something I enjoyed and felt good about my work. (Although I don't have pictures during my contest because our phone is prohibited)

The Awarding


And so after that, the awarding phase finally arrived, and the winners were about to be announced. As expected, I wasn't among the winners. I knew there were many others who were more skilled than I am in this type of event. However, it was still a great honor to compete at this level and to make it all the way to the regional level. The experience taught me not to give up. Even if we don’t always win, the journey and what we learn from it are just as important. Participation alone can be a victory because this event is a regional-level one. After the awarding, my coach and I packed up, still happy from the experience. Being a first-timer at the regional level, I enjoyed every moment, and it was a good start for someone new to such a broad and competitive field.


When I finally got home, I treated myself to lunch at Jollibee. I felt proud of myself for participating in such a large event. Even though it was my first time, I was still able to compete at the regional level. This experience has motivated me to keep improving and to continue participating in more competitions in the future.

Overall, my experience at the Regional Festival of Talents was truly unforgettable. Competing at this level and meeting so many talented individuals was both humbling and inspiring. It showed me the importance of perseverance and the value of every step in the journey. Even though I didn't win, I gained invaluable experience and confidence, which will undoubtedly help me in future endeavors. This event reinforced my passion for writing and storytelling, and I am determined to continue honing my skills.

To everyone reading this, never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Whether you win or not, the experience and the lessons learned are what truly matter. Keep pursuing your passions, stay dedicated, and don't let setbacks discourage you. Remember, every great achievement starts with the courage to try. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you continue to support my journey. See you in my next blog! Haruki.tls123 out! Thank you, and God bless.



Your description of the Opening Program captures the collective energy of participants. The Toledo Sports Complex must have been buzzing with excitement.