Battle Mages Secrets: Keep The Five Alive

Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

Today's blog has nothing to do with the strategy corner as FiveAlive being a very simple Ruleset, nothing to do with the Rebellion Monster showed on the poster but just a Regular player struggling with a max Chaos Legion Deck against many other Silver competitors!

Enough rant, let's get started:

Five Alive

  • Up to five Units can be used

Nothing much to tell about this Ruleset, we just play with a deficit of a single Card into the game leading to a higher average Mana usage in this battle.

Similar to FabFour, the Battle's conditions are pretty similar and we can go with any strategy we want.

Without further ado let's got strating:


  • Mid Mana Cap 32 Mana
  • Water, Life, Death, Dragons Available
  • Five Alive & CounterSpell Rulesets

With this I decided to go with my favourite Battle Element:


Ability: +1 Armor & +1 Speed

Both Water Summoners are extremely great! Kelya does provide with the ever needed +1 Speed in addition to the extra protection against sneak/opportunity by +1 Armor. Next are the monsters that makes Kelya even more a Summoner to go with:

Tank Position

Ability: Trample + Enrage + Retaliate

Strating from Silver, this Tank is a must-have, that's why I thought until I played this monster on the MAX Level! Enrage synergizes well with Kelya buffs in addition to its high base attack damage, Trample for that extra attack after a kill and lastly Retaliate can win you games if A Retaliate can land a Kill!

2nd Position

Ability: Opportunity + Poison + Demoralize

Similar to Diemonshark, Deeplurker gets a massive boost on the highest level! The combination of Opportunity & Poison are dealy as it almost garantee a One-shot on the 1st Round!
Demoralize is capital if facing a Melee-Heavy team composition or a Mirror Matchup that I was expecting this battle.

3rd + 4th Position : The Sneak Duo

Their Damage output compared to their mana cost is INSANE. Pelacor Bandit with its High attack damage in addition to its high evasiveness thanks to 6 Speed & Flying
Uraeus 1 Armor is underrated as it protects it from a sneak/opportunity attack, on the other hand, landing a Poison on the backline is a garantee kill on the next round!

5th position

Abiltiy: Snipe + camouflage + Cleanse

I'm more and more liking this Monster as it can lead to the most unexpected kills. Sometimes, One shotting a Merdalii Guardian that keeps on healing the Tank or finishing the job of Deeplurker is crucial while firing from a safe Position thanks to Camouflage
Clease is a savior especially taking away a potential Poison / stun from the Diemonshark.

Here's the Link to The Battle

Pre Round 1


As expected a mirror match, but I still have the advantage of having a superior level against my opponent. Still the Blind & Stun can be annoying to my team.

Round 1


  • Enemy's Damage in highly focused on the Tank, as Diemonshark Armor got destroyed and lost a couple of Health Points
  • On the other hand, Ninja Turtle got eliminated by the consecutive attacks from my sneak & opportunity attackers
  • The Cleanse from Sea Stalker takes out the Blind from Diemonshark!

Round 2


  • Finally, after so many hits, with a Lone HP left, My enraged Diemonshark landed a Retaliate attack!
  • Deeplurker, Pelacor and Uraeus combined their efforts to take down Igor Darkspear!
  • Sea Stalker, after taking out Kulu's Armor, One-shot the same monster on this given round.

Round 3


  • My Diemonshark, takes down the enemy mirror Tank and Retaliate to end up destroying Flying Squid Armor
  • The latter ended up miserably missing his shot
  • Deeplurker finally landed the finishing blow to clinch the WIN for +20 Trophies & +1.017 SPS


Here's the Link to The Battle

After Battle Commentary

  • I guess my strategy went well and I don't think changes needs to be done regarding my team.
  • Although I feel my damage is dispersed on many monsters on the field, and the enemy's armor is a thorn on the road, in fact, if I wasn't for my sturdy Tank, It could become troublesome.

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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