Battle Mages secrets: Archers up front!

Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

I have been struggling on the Bronze league for quite some time (almost for more than half the season) and then I was surprised by a decent RUN GOOD when I went from Bronze I to Silver I in a matter of 2 days! Ouch finally out of that hole and most importantly, next season I will begin on the Silver League!

Close Range

  • Ranged Monsters can attack from the first position!

Well, it's like a Standart Ruleset battle but Ranged having an extra benefit of the ability to Fire from the 1st position, one of the major weakness of every Ranged monster with the exception on the one with the innate Close Range Ability!

Some Special mention would be a couple of monsters with some unique abilities:

  • Venari Seedsmith: With the Scavenge Ability that can rack up lots of health and sustain lots of damage at the end stage while dealing 3 Ranged Damage & Poison!
  • Merdhampir is even better in term of sustain as it can continuously amass Health by hitting thought enemy health and proc the cripple ability

Without further ado let's get started:


  • Mid low Mana cap 23 Mana
  • All Elements available except Earth
  • Close Range + Fog of War Rulesets

Having both these rulesets and without consulting the enemy lineup I have decided to go as follow:


This Dragon summoner is awesome: Nerfing both the Speed -1 Speed & -1 Ranged Damage would be beneficial in this kind of Ruleset as the enemy would be more tempted to incorporate some ranged units to the mix especially with the inability to use Melee sneak/opportunity on this battle!

1st Position

A decent Low Mana Tank with a total of 6 hit points and a decent speed but no abilities! I'm using this monster as a meat shield in order for me to buy some time for my rear monsters to input some Damage!

2nd Position

Ability: Scavenger
Again with the Low mana monsters and given the limited ruleset, I have decided to put this monster that can gain some additional Health points during the upcoming round.
Let's not forget about its 4 Speed that can result in some evasions from some Low Speed attack monsters!

4th Position

Abilities: Weapon Training + Life Leech
I'll give you my reasons about skipping the 3rd Position, Zyriel has become a Popular Pick since the Weapon Training Ability Buff, while being A dual Element Monster and having also Life Leech. Since we have A ruleset that favors Ranged while they are safe from sneak/opportunity:
Picking Zyriel with a couple of Non-Attack monsters is a MUST:

3rd Position

Abilities: Flying + Scavenger + Backfire
The first Non-attack monster is Riftwing! A Highly Evasive Monster with its high Speed (4 Speed) & Flying, even worst, you get punished in case enemy missed the shot by the Backfire Ability. In the meantime, it racks up Health the longer the battle drags on with Scavenger.
Oh yes, now it gets 3 Ranged Damage from Zyriel and the benefit of Close Range making this monster an S+ !

5th Position

Abilities: Amlify + Void
The second adjacent monster isn't as decent as Riftwing by still does a good job as a defender against potential magic Damage.
It's true that I won't benefit from Amplify, but its low mana still benefit us especially with limited mana cap!

6th Position

Abilities: Shatter
2 Mana, 2 Health, 2 Damage and most importantly its Shatter ability. It's so important to get rid of the enemy Armor with this monster having a decent Speed at 3! and having a ranged heavy team only make shatter even more crucial!

Link to this Battle

Pre Round 1


Looks like a wild Conqueror Jacek appears! that was unexpected to be honest and he did bring a couple of OP ranged monsters! Fortunately with Quix Debuffs, I was able to reduce the gap in spead and subside their Ranged Damage!
Looks like he put some meat shield up front like I did!

Round 1


  • Well My Wierding Warrior got one-shot by Countess Sinash flash attack
  • I've never seen Chaos Agent dodging so many attacks! Funny enough, the least expected monster to hit its target,Chaos Animator, was the one to put an end to Chaos Agent dodging spree!

Round 2


  • Enemy fires some attacks on Kraar Xoc but still alive with a single Health!
  • We took down the fiend and then a 50/50 hit chance from Zyriel finally hit on Nimbledook to clinch a second kill and Life Leech a couple of Health!
  • Only 2 Monsters left!

Round 3


  • Riftwing fires its 3 Ranged attack to take down Suplly Runner!
  • Look at the Riftwing scanvenging to 11 Health: An impenetrable fortress!
  • Zyriel was the one to Fire the last hit to finally take down the lighting Countess Sinash to clinch the WIN! FOR +10 Trophies + 0.638 SPS


Link to this Cool Battle

After-Battle commentary

  • This kind of Battle shows how OP Zyriel is! For a Total of 14 Mana (7+4+3), in such a limited maana cap, we were able to fire a total output of 9 Damage per Round! Furthermore, a monster like Riftwing becomes deadly by Training it!
  • Chaos Agent could've been used instead of Chaos Animator and bring with the rest of the Mana another tankier monster on the field.

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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