Battle Mages Secrets : Melee Everywhere !

Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

Another week, another challenge and what a hell of a bloodbath was these last couple of weeks, with Splinterlands assets bleeding the most and we should stick to the game and make the most out this great TCG!

Melee Mayhem

  • Melee units can attack from any position.

Pretty simple right, we can play a full melee team and ALL monsters can attack from ANY Position!

As described in the weekly challenge AAN:

  • Prime use case for melee units with Bloodlust: First that comes to mind are both Jared Scar and Grum FlameBlade

Insane monster if followed by Reverse Speed Ruleset, may act greatly if facing Magic Damage

More Details Later!

  • Abilities take precedence where targeting is concerned: Some Ability like Shield and Thorns are highly valuable in this case!

Enough of the theory talk, let's get rolling with this particular battle:


  • Mid Mana Cap 31 Mana
  • All Elements Available except Water
  • Melee Mayhem & Born Again Rulesets

With this, it's only natural to prepare for a strong scaling team!


Ability: +1 Ranged Damage

This summoner is used to summon my Life Team Monsters, despite not totally profiting from the advantage of Ranged Melee Monsters, except with my 5th Monster, my picked monsters will make it without the buff!

1st Position

Ability: Flying & Magic Reflect & Divine Shield & Phase

One of the Best 2 Mana Tank Monsters! It got a very interesting kit:

  • Flying + 5 Speed making it a truly evasive monster and hard to hit especially against Melee Monsters
  • Divine shield protects it from the first damage landed (can absorb huge chunk / Ambush)
  • Magic Reflect + Phase are a relative counter to unpredicted Magic Damage Team

2nd Position

Ability: Scavenger + Dodge + Enrage

Another 2 Mana Monster, with a set of great synergy in abilities:
The fact that it lack defense stats/ability makes it very vulnerable, it needs to gather up some health with the Scavenger ability in order to be ready to tank some damage
But wait, the lack of tankiness is compensated by its high level of Evasiveness: Dodge & 3 speed, makes it slippery, coupled with the enrage that further enhances its evasiveness!

4th Position

Ability: Bloodlust + True Strike + Piercing

An Insane Snowball effect thanks to the combination of these 3 Abilities: Super High Damage coupled with a Garantee True Strike and No Armor can stand in your way thanks to the Piercing
Low Tank Stats and Low Speed is natural to balance its offensive stats!

5th Position

Ability: Switfness + Strenghten

A Fan Favorite in Diamond+ games as any slight Speed advantage makes or breaks a battle! Being a Neutral card that Will benefit from the Sloan Ranged Damage Buff would make it a must have monster on the team even in Melee Mayhem Ruleset!

6th Position

Ability: Sneak + Poison

A Relative Sneak Counter and a potential Backline destroyer thanks to its 3 Damage & the synergy of Sneak + Poison

Here's the Link to The Battle

The Battle


Well, did you remember when I told you that I can put the Pelacor Conjurer for any potential Magic Damage, here you go! The Enemy totally neglected the Melee Mayhem Advantage and decided to go for a Magic Domination Team.
Not that I wasn't prepared, but my team's damage output far surpassed the enemy's!


The Enemy Team fully took advantage of the Born Again Ruleset! The Void Dragon, already a tanky unit, got buffed twice by the Martyr Ability making it a highly evasive tank and decent damage dealer!
Jared Scar got already its first bloodlust stack so let's see how the battle unfold!
Gargoya Lion can Tank the Magic Damage thanks to the Void Ability before Jared Scar takes the tank position.


The Enemy wasn't the only one taking advantage of Born Again, with some luck, Jared Scar is already UP 3 Bloodlust Stack and the battle is still far from Over! Speed is no longer a problem for Jared !


JARED SCAR is DELIVERING, as 10 Attack wasn't enough... Make it 12 MELEE DAMAGE

Born again can save the Goblin Psychic as the Gargoya Lion dealt the Finishing blow in order to claim the VICTORY for +20 Trophies & 1.35 SPS


Here's the Link to The Battle

After Battle Commentary

  • Well it was a great fight and well thought tactic before the battle, Both Pelacor and Gargoya helped with tanking some of the Damage
  • But, Jared Scar is MVP as every hit results in a garantee Takedown and another Bloodlust stack!

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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