Battle Mage Secrets: You shall pay the Price of the Taunt!


Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

Welcome to another Battle Mage Challenge, after a forgotten week where no posts have been made and no grinding was made on my splinterlands account, here I am back with an interesting battle that would be showcasted in a few minutes but before that:


  • All units have the Fury ability.

  • Double Damage against a Taunt Monster

  • Think carefully before including a unit with Taunt

These monsters shown ahead, are mainly part of many strong and resilient strategies that are based on both controlled aggression and solid defense.

The lone exception would be Iziar, given its second ability Martyr, we want this monster to be slain in order to benefit adjacent monsters from the Martyr Ability!

Without further ado, let's get started:


  • Mid Mana Cap 37 Mana
  • All Elements availalble except Dragon
  • Opportunity & Fury Rulesets

I have decided with this unusual team on my own:


Ability: +1 Ranged Damage

Since Sloan is my only High leveled Life Summoner, and while I'm using a carry ranged monster in addition to a number on Life Monsters that will be detailed below

1st Position

Ability: Enrage + Retaliate

Finally I've upgraded this bad boy into the 5th level and unlock a very interesting ability: Retaliate, coupled with Enrage, the Counter-Attack promises to be deadly if the opponent isn't protected by its Armor! Well hope I'm facing a Taunt Monster the witness the insane damage!

2nd Position

Ability: Strenghten + Triage

Using at as a support card since the opportunity attacks will most certainly hit my backline! On the other side, a 4 Magic Damage attack should NOT be neglected as it can one shot an opponent!
+1 Health for the entire team proves to be useful.

3rd Position

Ability: Bloodlust + Aim True + Pierce

This monster is a GO-TO in opportunity Ruleset as it got everything it needs:

  • Piercing followed by a 7 Melee Damage that can easily takedown the squichiest Monster in a single shot
  • Aim True: Even the most evasive monsters can't escape the blade of the Jared Scar
  • Bloodlust would allow for an incontrollable snowball effet the longer the battle goes the stronger it gets!

4th Position

Ability: Martyr

Always make sure to the Martyr Ability if the board allows as its the most vulnerable to Opportunity attacks leading to buffing the desired monsters easily, in this case Jared Scar & Pelacor Arbalest, further amplifying their damage output.

5th Position

Ability: Double Strike + Flying

His Damage is buffed by the Slean +1 Ranged buff and further amplified by the Martyr Ability to push its damage 5 Ranged Double Strike while having the weakest opponent as a target!

Here's the Link to The Battle

Pre Round 1


A pretty solid team onboard but the question is why did the enemy go for a Taunt Carry monster since its covered by a couple of support cards. Lucky him he has a almost maxxed Coastal Sentry.

Round 1

  • Well one of the worst starts I could have, while Venari Marksrat got taken down, Coastal Sentry go its Double Strike hit my Pelacor Arbalest and got itself a Double Kill
  • Drybone Barbarian gets enraged, Retaliate on the Fiend to one-shot it!
  • Djinn Renova atack dealt a 8 Magic Attack since the Ferocity Doubles the Damage on Taunt Monsters


  • You love to see it! Jared Scar with 8 Damage, adding to the Ferocity Damage, fires a 16 DAMAGE and takes down the Coeurl Lurker!
  • First Bloodlust and ramps its attack to 9

Round 2


  • Starting with Coastal Sentry, gets Retaliated by the Drybone, only left with a Couple of Health Points,
  • Second Strike takes down the Drybone, no chances for a second retaliate, Trample into Djinn Renova
  • Jared Scar takes the Revenge on the Barbarian sacrifice, takes down the enemy carry: 2nd Bloodlust proc
  • A wild Hardy Stonefish surprisingly taking down the Djinn Renova, leaving Jared Scar VS 3!

Round 3+4


  • Jared Scar takes down the Hardy Stonefish and Anasth in Back to back Rounds bumping up its Melee Damage to 12 & 7 Speed
  • Leaving a lonely scared Merdaali alone against that insane snowballing JARED!

Round 5 & End


A single shot was needed to seal the VICTORY and get rewarded with 1.42 SPS & 58 Glint that I'm accumulating to increase my Soulbound collection!

Here's the Link to The Battle

After Battle Commentary

  • Jared Scar is INSANE if played correctly in Eqaul Opportunity
  • Moreover, we got lucky our opponent played a Taunt Monster and got to witness the insane damage that my monsters can fire!
  • Notice that Lookout decrease the damage against all monsters (even on 1st position) since their attacks are considered as opportunity

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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