Battle Mage Secrets: My only Ranged shall be Sacrifice!

Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

I'm back with the second challenge for this week and again struggling with meeting up with the deadline! In fact, have you seen an increase in your rewards !? And Champion players are getting around 30 SPS per win !

Fire & Regret

  • All units receive the Return Fire ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that attack with ranged attacks receive damage back.

  • Damage returned is equal to damage of the attacker divided by 2, rounded up.

There is a certain kind of strategy, that I had talked about in the past, is the Martyr Sandwich on the Earth Team:

  • Place Quora Towershed in the Middle between :
    • Venari Marksrat: Neutral Ranged Monster
    • Fingus Flinger: Earth Ranged Monster
  • Even if they don't get attacked, they will slowly die by the Return Fire Ability leading to a Double Martyr Buff to Quora on a safe Position!

Without further ado let's got strating:


  • Mid High Mana Battle 39 Mana
  • Life, Death, Dragons Available
  • Return Fire Ruleset

I've decided to go with an aggressive team on board:


Ability: -1 Speed & -1 Ranged

It might come questionnable why I'm using this summoner for the Ranged Damage Nerf, however, the fact that it gives my team a speed advantage is crucial by itself especially if I want to go for a Damage-oriented Team that would be explaned below:


Ability: Thorns

A great Dragon's Tank with enough hit points (16!) and the Thorns ability since we are more likely expecting to face Melee damage and less likely Magic Damage (Earth not available) in addition to respectable damage output!

3rd Position

Ability : Flying + Scattershot + Blast

Despite one of the highest Mana Cost, it's understandable regarding this monster's stats:

  • 14 hit points
  • 3 Speed + Flying for the evasiveness
  • 3 Magic Damage
  • Most importantly the combination of: Scattershot + Blast that makes Magic attacks most likely land on the Backline & Proc the blast ability on both adjacent monsters => Total of 7 Magic Damage/round

The Sacrifice

Ability: Martyr

As I explained earlier, this monster will lowly ends up killing itself thanks to the Return Fire Ruleset and bring the Martyr buff to both Djinn Chwala and the oppressive Chaos Dragon

The Double Sneak

Now let's talk about the other damage dealers, Both the Monsters will fire a total of 6 Melee Damage at the Backline (Double Strike from Dhampir) that would generally have a weakened carry monster that could be easily be taken down on the first Round. Plus placing Uraeus on the last position that got 1 Armor protecting it from any potential Sneak attack.


Ability: Opportunity + Snare

I like playing this monster since it got a much needed opportunity in addition to the undervalued Snare ability that can take down the advantage that some Flying highly evasive monsters have!

Here's the Link to The Battle

Pre Round 1


A pretty solid Team I ended up facing, a well rounded Team in term of Damage variation that can pose a problem to my Tank but still facing squichy targets overall!

Round 1


  • If Only Chaos Dragon Damage wasn't nerfed, it could've been ended badly for the enemy team as Life sapper could've been eliminated from the blast damage.
  • Thank you Magi Necrosi for making Life easier by taking down Venari Marksrat!
  • The combined attacks from Uraeus & Dhampir Infiltrator were enough to take down Silent Sha-vi from the first round and prevent its deadly sneak attacks!
  • Unfortunately Djinn Chwala got poisonned by the first Venari attack but still have enough HP to survive
  • Last but not least, Whelp Herder finishes Life Sapper Life at the end of the Round.

Round 2


  • The damage in insane from the Chaos Dragon as it displays the power of Scattershot + Blast combined!
  • Uraeus takes down the poisonner Venari Bonesmith as it has 1 HP left from chaos dragon
  • Djinn Chwala villantly takes down Cursed Windeku and still surviving after the Poison and Thorns Damage.
  • Arachne Thug was taken down by Dhampir Infiltrator deadly Double Strike
  • Only Magi Necrosi if left !



It shouldn't come in surprise as the Magi Necrosi got eliminated from Chaos Dragon Shot finally taking its first Takedown to secure the victory for 0.46 SPS + 26 Trophies

Here's the Link to The Battle

After Battle Commentary

  • Martyr Placement went better than expected since I didn't expect enemy to bring a Snipe Monster although Magi Necrosi is still a pretty oppressive pick
  • In addition to the Speed advanatge that let my monsters have the priority in attacking first leading to many enemies taken down before they had the chance to act.

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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