Battle Mage Secrets: Five Alive & All Threes

Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

The worst feeling is finding the great deal at renting 10k SPS for a really cheap price BUT ending up NOT grinding because of some real life commitments. At least I won't miss my Battle Mage Secrets Weekly challenge!

Enough rant, let's get started:

Five Alive

  • Up to five Units can be used

Similar to FabFour, the Battle's conditions are pretty similar and we can go with any strategy we want.

In this battle that I would be sharing, we'll be having another kind of limitation that would make the monster's choices even trickier!

Without further ado let's got strating:


  • 40 Mana Cap
  • Fire, Water, Earth, Death Available
  • Five Alive & Little League Rulesets

By having this combination in mind I have decided a follow:


Ability: +1 Armor & +1 Speed

Water Low Mana Monsters shall not be neglected as they have pretty decent base stats especially Attack wise. While we are in little league, every buff matters as they generally tend to have low Health/Defense!

Tank Position

Ability: None

For Just 3 Mana look at this Monsters stats: 13 Hit points (7 if facing Magic) is insane for a little league Ruleset in addition to a respectable 3 Melee Damage proves that The Tank spot is without a doubt well worthy for the Sethropod.

2nd Position

Ability: Reach + Reflection Shield + True Strike

A cocktail of Abilities in addition to decent offensive stats 3 Melee + 4 Speed
For just 3 Mana we have:

  • Reach allows firing from a safe spot while,
  • Reflection Shield protects this monsters from the Blast ability as well as Thorns,
  • lastly True Strike will make it hit even the ever evasive Coeurl Lurker.

3rd Position

Ability: Tank Heal + Repair + Strenghten

What's better than providing a Solid Tank is, providing the best Support:

  • Tank Heal to restore the Health
  • Repair to restore the Armor
  • Strenghten to boost every monster's health to +1!
    It's speed would allow it the act at the early start of each round.

4th Round

Ability: Flying + Sneak

I still remember when the first time this cards was introduced as a reward card in the beggining of the Chaos Legion Expansion, I felt that this is undervalued to be considered a common card.
4 Melee Damage for just 3 Mana and its high evasiveness regarding its 6 Speed & Flying
Sneak allows to hit the target on the last position, and given the ruleset, it can result in a one-shot

5th Round

Ability: Sneak + Poison

Similar to Pelacor's Ability and effectiveness yet different! Uraeus appears weaker in general stats but Poison would make up for it if landed especially on a half-tanky / weak target as it won't survive long enough to keep fighting even when it's protected by the armor.

Here's the Link to The Battle

Pre Round 1


Enemy Team did come up with a rather strong low mana Death Comp! The 2 Mages could be hard to deal with considering all my team are weak to magic damage plus the Inspire & Protect buff provided!

Round 1


  • No casualities in this Round: Neither Uraeus Poison had landed but Venari's Did on Cruel Sethropod
  • The latter did suffer all the upcoming damage from the entire enemy team but still surviving the end of the round
  • On the other side, my damage is scattered between the front and backline!

Round 2


  • First was Pelacor Conjurer who takes down the Venrari Bonesmith with a sneak attack
  • Both Tank get a heal (from merdaali & self heal) but Sethropod ended up victorious by having the Repair advantage and giving the finishing blow to Xenith Monk
  • At the end of the Round, Sethropod still hanging around with a single Health left.

Round 3


  • Poison takes down the weakened Cruel Sethropod
  • Pelacor with the second kill on Ravenhood Warden is crucial as it takes away the Armor protecting the remaining monsters
  • While the battle is heavily on my favor, the RNG gods wants to add a little excitement as both his negative status effects kicked in by landing the Stun & Poison in this Round :')

Round 4 + 5


  • After the Poison takes away Uraues Life,
  • Pelacor Conjurer does the Hat-Trick by outing the Uraeus
  • Meanwhile Revealer lands another Stun talk about 50/50 chance
  • But that wasn't enough as the Pelacor Conjurer fires and score a Quadra Kill the Seal the Deal for a Victory: +1.35 SPS & +40 Rating


Here's the Link to The Battle

After Battle Commentary

  • It all went well thanks to the combination I used by scattering the damage between the front and backline
  • Ravenhood Warden was a cool discovery for a low mana battle as it provides Inspire for the sneak Melee & a much needed Protect for the entire team

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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