Battle Mage Secrets featuring a close battle!


Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

Welcome to another Battle Mage Challenge, now coming back with another close and interesting battle and hopefully you'll be enjoying reading through or watching the battle and obviously securing a very close win!


  • All units have the Fury ability.

  • Double Damage against a Taunt Monster

  • Think carefully before including a unit with Taunt


Looking at the Cards that have the Fury Ability, there isn't one that's actually dominating the Meta or being a Must-Pick Card, maybe this is the reason why the Taunt Meta is still dominating till now. (well not as much as the Lily + Grim Combo)

A couple of monsters I'm seeing often are the Runemancer Kye, actually used for its tankiness provided by its Health & Life Leech
And secondly Rune Crafter having decent damage at higher level in addition to the Snare Ability.

Without further ado let"s get starting


  • High Mana cap 41 Mana
  • Fire, Life, Death, Dragon Available
  • Ferocity Ruleset

With this I have decided to go as follow :


Ability: -1 Speed & -1 Ranged

The Dragon Summoner allow first the pick of a couple of elements namely Life being my element of choice and secondly the oppressing debuff on Speed and Ranged Damage that we could face in this game.

Tank Posiiton

Ability: Thorns

I fell in love with this monster when I first started playing this game in the Bronze League by being a Tanky, had punishing Enemies and can deal decent damage the higher its level goes (gets enrage + True Strike later on)
For this battle it shall be used as our frontliner.

2nd Position

Ability: Slow

A utility Monster that is used to further amplify the Quix nerf by additionally nerfing the enemy's speed by another -1
A 2 Magic Damage proves useful considering its high Speed!

3rd Position

Ability: Tank Heal

Another utility monster joins the field as it serve for a healer to our main Tank Djinn Chwaya that can be healed up to +3 health/turn

4th Position

Ability: Flying + Scattershot + Blast

A huge Mana Cost at first glance but it IS justified by the combination of these factors:

  • Huge Health + Armor pool + flying providing decent Tankiness
  • 3 Magic Damage
  • Scattershot + Blast leading to a higher probability of hitting the backline and inflicting damage to 3 Monsters per turn!

5th Posiiton

Ability: Double Strike + Sneak

Another decent Dragon Monster that deals decent damage thanks to its kit 2 Melee + Double Strike leading to a total of 4 Melee Damage to the backline!

Here's the Link to The Battle

Pre Round 1


A Solid Team I would be facing, Astral Entity gives enemies a 25% Dodge chance in addition to ressurect to a monster with Void Armor that would be harder to get through.

Round 1


  • Chaos Dragon scattershot was clutch as it dealt massive damage to the enemy sneak monster while damaging adjacent monsters.
  • Dhampir infiltrator landed both its attacks on the Riftwing.
  • Unfortunately, Djinn Chwala was to first to go down (after so much praise earlier x) ) because of the Barashkukor Massive Magic attack
  • Luckily Time Mage managed to evade their tank's attack

Round 2


  • Time Mage and Meriput combined efforts puts down the enemy Executioner, but got instantly revived by Astral Entity Ability!
  • Another shot from the Chaos Dragon leaving enemies with a sliver of health and yet to take down one of them!
  • Dhampir Infiltrator doing a splendid job by taking down the ever evasive Riftwing
  • Barash massive attack slays Time Mage lone health
  • Meriput still hanging on with a lone Health Point!

Round 3


  • Chaos Dragon hits right into Zyriel health and takes down Ahna-Chei with the Blast Damage!
  • Dhampir infiltrator landed only a single strike due to Astral Dodge
  • Pelacor Conjurer got defeated by the sneak attacker
  • Barashkukor on a TRIPLE kill slaying the Meriput
  • The battle still ON even being at 2 VS 4 !

Round 4


  • Chaos Dragon on the Tank posiiton fires a Magic Bolt and takes down Fenmour Haunt with the Blast Ability
  • A HUGE miss from the infiltrator when it matters most on the same Zyriel!
  • Brashkukor hit left Chaos Dragon with 3 Health!
  • RNG still by my side as both Zyriel & Executionner missed their shots! Long live the Flying Ability!

Round 5


  • Chaos Dragon finally defeated Barashkukor with the Blast Ability
  • RNG favors Zyriel as both Infiltrator strikes went missing!
  • Boom Chaos Dragon got slayn!
  • Dhampir infiltrator facing the ultimate challenge, recovers from the depth of hell and strikes both enemy monsters to strike an insane Victory for the Team!


Here's the Link to This Close Battle

After Battle Commentary

  • Kudos to the enemy team for playing a really solid battle as the outcome could vary with every single hit done or missed!
  • Chaos Dragon performance was insane, obviously hoping that these scattershot abilities landed some kills early on!
  • Dhampir infiltrator was a good pick too as it provides insane DPS compared to its low mana cost!

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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