Cycling in Israel - Getting lost in Ramat Gan


Hello and welcome to "Cycling in Israel"

This post is about my cycling trip I went on the last Saturday.

Before each trip I plan a route and hopefully the day of the trip I follow it. This trip I planned to cycle to the city of Rosh Haayin. I had never visited this city and it looks interesting to explore.

On the Saturday morning while beginning the trip I decided to take a small detour to try out a new path. One new path lead to another and another, in the end I got lost exploring paths, parks and gardens in the city of Ramat Gan.

The plan was to cycle quickly through the city of Ramat Gan and continue on but I got lost and distracted in the best possible way. I found a lot of interesting stuff to explore and share with you.

Unfortunately my cycling tracking app stopped working but I ended up with a 45 km distance and it took me three and a half hours. Most of my route was criss crossing the city of Ramat Gan.

Green paths

These are the photos of green paths I cycled through in chronological order.

Fig tree almost completely integrated with the stone wall

Mushroom-Eyes Shed

I found this shed decorated with "Mushroom-Eyes" street art.

Pillars of Morning Glory

These are flowering Morning Glory vines that are growing on a specialy designed pillars.


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