A collection of five (5) types of young leaf-eating insects

Hello, my beloved friend, how are you tonight, I hope you are always in prime condition and always happy with your family at home and tonight I will present to you a group of young leaf-eating insects which are causing great losses to horticultural farmers.

In the following, I will present these reptiles in front of you to always be aware of pest attacks like their kind in the picture below. Also, I will display a vicious silky caterpillar as a trigger for the destruction of horticultural crops so far.

I took photos of these insects recently for me to make a post on the ASEAN HIVE media as a unifying forum for photography, so in this post you can see the types of insects that you most often encounter in your garden or yard.

If we take a glance at its body size, we really don't suspect this little animal, what else is it capable of eating so many leaves and making the leaves become hollow in a very short period of time?

And if we let the horticultural plants become damaged and to prevent this I have to spray regularly with anti-pest poison and spray once a week.

And after that I did a sweep and it appeared that the insects were messy on the ground and only then did the leaves recover as before

Basically killing insects makes us feel sorry for making him die blindly and he feels hurt because of what we did.

And look at these animals, how very small and agile they are, as if they have never done anything wrong to our plants, even though almost all of the leaves in my garden have become hollow because of their actions.

It is also different from the behavior of this insect caterpillar that eats leaves by rolling them and this behavior is done after it has finished eating the leaves and it immediately rolls its body in the leaves until it defecates there so it goes out at night to get fresh air.

And the next day he looks for other leaves to do the same steps as yesterday and so on until the time comes.

This is an excerpt about the nature of insects that haunt our lives and finally, please accept my warm greetings as congratulations and success for all.

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Aceh Sumatra Indonesia, 24 November 2022

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