The 8th Show: The Final Act Episodes 7 & 8 ~ Series Review

This will be the final review for this Korean drama and I will sort them out for this last 2 episodes. I've also been adjusting on when will I be posted because our internet is not that good and I think this will continue for a couple of days because of the bad weather that we had.

This final review has 2 episodes that I will discuss. You can also read the reviews that I posted from the past episodes which are episodes 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6.

So, let's start with the 7th episode about how the lower floors were tortured again by the higher floors. They were freed by the 5th floor because she was hallucinating that other captured floors were also freed by the other floors. So much regret after 5th floor freed the notorious 6th floor and after that incident, the upper floors were begin fighting and beating with the lower floors that most of the lower floors were exhausted.

This time, it begins the reigns of the 8th floor where she decided to make another game to the lower floors with the help with the 5th floor and the 4th floor. Anyway, 6th floor fell from the stairs from the higher floor and he got broken bones after that. 8th floor is really sadistic and don't want to end the game itself, instead she devices a game where the other lower floors were suffering more than they could imagine.

Another mutiny begins from the 4th & 5th floors because they pitied the lower floors on their situation, she made a deal from these lower floors because she heard from the 1st floor that swapping to different floor is possible and they succeeded on bringing down 8th floor and they started on getting hopes on swapping different floor but their hopes were slowly vanishing after the 1st floor getting that "swapping to different floor" note that only says the "instruction" for swapping different floor but not swapping it directly.

Then the 1st floor hopes were gone and his money were also gone because all of his money were only paid by that paper for 10 billion won and gets nothing in return.

He began on doing a clown outside the floors which they called playground and doing stunts just like in a carnival but an incident happened that no one expected, 1st floor fall from the rope that he walked into after jumping from that rope.

The lower floors panicked while the higher floors were sitting while their hands were tight in a rope and watching the 1st floor how he manage swinging and balancing the rope in the middle of the playground midair.

After that the 1st floor fall from the accident, the timer were risen up until 1440 hours and they couldn't get out nor getting any medications.

They couldn't think of anything to stop the show so that they could treat 1st floor, so here's our main lead that he shoots all the cameras thinking that it will end the show or the game when all of the cameras will be destroyed.

Finally, the game ended after all the cameras were taken down and they rush to the hospital but the 1st floor died, they mourn after that and went to 1st floor funeral after they get out.

Final thoughts

What I like about this Korean series is that they were all doing their best from getting enough money because they were broke or they want to end their life. This Korean series is based from a webtoon series that they made a drama out of it. The actors were great at acting at their roles and they caught my attention and also on how I get angry at one actor that sometimes I can't even watch straight because of the games that I think is too brutal for me but it's really fun watching them.

For this Korean Series, I would rate this 8/10 because of their acting skills and how they fill the roles of each of the character that they portrayed but the ending is not too convincing thinking that the show will only end by getting rid of all of the cameras maybe the players were too greedy plays a big part of a person and can lead them a very bad situation for them.

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It is a tough plot with a strong message. Give me the time you have and wanted to waste. Chaotic and extreme. Very raw.