My LEO, HIVE, & Other Token Goals


Hive price is declining and every one thought that users were dumping HIVE token unconditionally and some people were panicking because the price went down from $0.25 per token last week to $0.20 per token in the last few days.

People were conspiring about why the HIVE was dumping at $0.20 before the news and some people were panic selling to get some of their money and not to lose anymore. Then, I attended one of the AMA from Inleo where they tackle about the price of the Hive and then taskmaster send a link about the new from Korea where they delisted more than 200 altcoins from UPbit and I think that Hive is one of the altcoins that were delisted from that news.

Now, we can see that Hive was bleeding in the last few days few months but I think the Hive is now recovering from that dump last few days ago and it is now sitting at $0.217 per token from $0.20 last few days.

Last week, I have 836 Hive power and this week, I have got a total of 931 Hive power as of writing. I've got 95 Hive Power in the last week. I expected to get more than 100 Hive Power last week but I have got only 95 Hive power, maybe because of the total Hive vote value will depend on the price of the Hive. If the Hive price is bigger, then the hive vote will also increase otherwise, it will decrease if the price of the Hive is also dumping.

Starting HIVE PowerLast WeekThis WeekGoal% to the Goal

For this month, I have got a goal for 1,000 Hive power, I am 10 days away before the month ends and I am currently 93.1% of my total goal for the month. I think I can get the 1,000 Hive power before the month's end and I will set another goal for the Next month if it reaches 100%.

For my yearly goals of my Hive Power, which is 5,000 Hive Power, I have now more than 18% of my goal which is slowly increasing from the last month.

Starting HIVE PowerLast WeekThis WeekGoal of the year% to the Goal



I've powered up 30 LEO tokens this week and it's now increasing week by week from 50 LEO power just last month and now it has 280 LEO power and I am now currently 28% of my total goal for my Leo power.

Starting LEO PowerLast WeekThis WeekGoal% to the Goal

I have got to say that LEO community has lots of features that they will launch in the future and other plans. Let's just take the LeoAI, that is on top of LEO platform in Hive Blockchain. It is an AI that can help the users owners to make it easier in the LEO community. The team are tirelessly working on the bugs and also in their application which are INLEO and LEODEX.

I have lots of confidence that LEO tokens will surpass the value of HIVE when they market themselves in other users and other people outside Hive. LEO can be one of the keys to make Hive increase it's value.


My Passive Income Tokens

Below are my passive income tokens that I invested some on top of Hive blockchain. Last 2 weeks ago, BEE token price were only 0.36 in every 1 Hive but as of now it is sitting 0.46 for every 1 Hive. I believe in the Bee tokens before and I have no doubt, it's pumping rapidly.

TokenStarting TokensLast weekNowGoal% to the Goal

Now, I've also powered up some of my tokens and I'm focused in PEPE token that is now more than 2M staked PEPE and I've staked more than 1M PEPE yesterday and 50,000 stake PEPE today, that's why I'm now more than 20% of my total goal.

Note: Don't consider my article as an investment advice. I'm only sharing them to you so that you will know where did I invest.

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Been accumulating hive-based tokens as well.