A space that makes me feel comfort in: Grocery Store

We have different types on what kind of place we feel comfort in. There were some that have also the same place but different ideas on why they did feel comfort. For me, I have lots of favorite space that I feel comfort in but one of the best place that I feel comfort in is the grocery store.

You might wonder why did I chose grocery store, the answer is simple, my eyes were twinkling whenever I see a grocery store that is big and wide with lots of discounts and sales. I think all of us needs some necessities and will go to the grocery store to buy stuffs that they need in their house for their daily food.

So, together with my family, we just went to the grocery store last days ago and we also need to re-supply our stocks in our house so that we don't need to buy stuffs when it is needed. Grocery store is what makes me happy and seeing the grocery store far away makes my heartbeat skip and I can't deny the fact that whenever I will be near to the grocery store, I will walk as fast as I could.

Every time, I see something that is on sale, I would grab that and I will surely buy that even if I don't really need it but just because it is on sale, I will try to buy that thinking that the item will be useful in our house but sometimes, if there were lots of items on sale, I would pick the item that I think it will be eaten within a week.

In this grocery store, I saw lots of items that is on sale and it is a buy 1 take 1 foods and snacks. They were NIPS (chocolate with nuts), candies, chips. pasta. They were on sale because they were almost expired and mostly they will be expired in less than a month.

For other countries like in the western, I think if the food item will expire in less than a month. They will put it in a garbage or trash because I saw lots of videos about throwing the food items in the garbage in the western countries but here in the Philippines, whenever the food item will be expired less than a month, they will put that on sale and some were less than 2 months.

Anyway, I just enjoyed strolling in this place because I can see many food items in the store, lots of items that I could pick of and compare them into one another rather than buying in a small store.

It's fun going here to the grocery and I will not think of anything than picking the items that I want to choose in the grocery store. Sometimes, we will encounter our old friends or colleagues from the grocery store and we talked for a couple of minutes greeting with each other.

It's also more exciting if my family will come with me here in the grocery store because I can talked with my wife about what kind of food items that is in priority then the food items that we want.

Whenever we went to the grocery store, my daughter will always pick on the snack that she also love and she will never get out of her hands and she start to cry if we will take that food item from her hands.

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