Battle Mage Secrets: Lost Legendaries - Epics Take The Stage



Hi all, hope all is well for you and it is time for another Battle Mage Secrets. Last week, we looked at another ruleset that had been here since the day I started playing Splinterlands where we can only use cards that are only having a maximum of 4 mana. Today, we look at another long standing ruleset that do another form of restriction on the cards you can use.

Ruleset Spotlight


Lost Legendaries


  • Legendary units may not be used.
  • Legendary summoners are still available.

What thrives with this ruleset?
This is one ruleset that gives me headaches, because one of my favourite card, Djinn Oshannus, cannot be used. Another group of cards that is important and tend to appear in lineups are the Fiends. These are cards that fill up lineups.

Essentially, this is a match that you operate which whatever you have all the way up to Epic. To be honest, Epic cards might not be as jam packed with abilities or having awesome stats like them, but they are equally good. When planned properly with the support of common and rare cards.

So far, there are so many good epic cards going around and I am going to list some of the ones so that you are aware, not forgetting, the Soul Bound reward epic cards are good as well.

Magi Necrosi
Weirding Warrior
Executioner Kraan

Tusk The Wide
Forgotten One

Dax Paragon

Nerissa Tridawn
Wave Brood
Captain Fellblade

Acid Shooter
Satha Toledo

Above cards are some of the decent epic cards that I use or encountered that give me problems. So consider using them in your lineups and bring home some wins.

Stats wise, the higher the stats the better it is. Load up whatever abilities you have and let them bring in the victories for you.


With these in mind, let's start to talk about the battle proper.

The Battle


Lost Legendaries, Close Range
Mana Limit: 49

SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Kelya Frendul4SummonerOne more speed, one more armour one of the best buffs from summoner
Ulundin Overseer111stCard that gives flank and have loads of health and armour. Serving as a strong tank.
Coastal Sentry102ndDouble striker that can be hidden behind Ulundin and hit opponent with a good cover
Nerissa Tridawn93rdBig magic hitter with a big amount of health to outlast more cards
Venari Wavesmith54thGiving the team additional armour with protection
Merdaali Guardian35thThe healer to keep the frontline healthy especially to let Coastal Sentry to strike with a cover
Swamp Spitter76thWhile we heal, we also need someone to repair the armour to absorb damage.
Total Mana:49

Opponent Lineup

  • Summoner - Helio Matriach
  • Position 1 - Drybone Barbarian
  • Position 2 - Corsair Bosun
  • Position 3 - Djinn Renova
  • Position 4 - War Pegasus
  • Position 5 - Ajax Lightfood
  • Position 6 - Runeslinger

Prediction before pressing rumble
Wow, a level 6 summoner and a maxed Drybone Barbarian and other cards all relatively levelled. Looks like I am in for a tough fight. Opponent even have a War Pegasus that can shatter my armour. Let's hope what I've prepared is complete enough to sustain the lineup sufficiently in terms of healing up and repairing the armour to keep the frontline sustained. Odds are being stacked against me, but let's see what my lineup can do.

Let's battle!

Battle Synopsis

Round 1, Wow, what an opening round. A full combination of the cards manage to see Ulundin harness the damage from Drybone Barbarian and allowing Coastal Sentry to bring its health to 2 health and Nerissa nailing the kill. Meerdiali also helped to Ulundin up before the round end.


Round 2, Another crazy round, Ulundin fell due to the consistent barrage and my lineup came together and killed Corsair Bosun. The kill nailed by Nerissa yet again.


Round 3, An exposed Coastal Sentry if not able to get Armour repair in time fell easily to the barrage from my opponent. But again the combination struck as we Nerissa brought down the health of Djinn Renova before Wavesmith nigged it for the kill.


Round 4-6, Massive assaults from both sides saw strong exchanges which Nerissa held strong with support from other cards as well to take out War Pegasus and Ajax Lightfood. Now we are left with 1 last card, Runeslinger to handle.


Round 7-8, it was Swamp Spitter's show where it struck home to kill off Runeslinger and bring home the victory!

Post Battle Summary
An exciting match where both side fielded really strong cards to help aid them to victory. For me, it is exceptionally crazy because I faced a high level summoner and a maxed out Drybone Barbarian which is pain to handle. Nevertheless, a win is a win! The combination that I lined up helped gather the win for me.

Did my strategy work? Yes absolutely. Every single card that is placed in this lineup all had their role and each of them did just what they need to. From tanking to striking, from healing to repairing and of course the heavy output and additional armour boost were all very important aspects of this lineup which saw us overcoming a deck that is levelled way higher than me.

What's the Battle Mage Secret?

The Battle Mage Secret today is something simple. Examine your epic cards, many of them are hidden gems and also to bring you the victory you need. Take for example, Nerissa Tridawn in the match above. Not only did it smash cards out with her big magic damage, her high health allowed her to tank up many big attacks from opponent and allow the backline to continue doing damage on my opponent, even though she did not have additional abilities.

Sometimes we often focus on Legendaries but forget how good some of the epics that we own are. So understand them well and they can also take centre stage in matches.

Wrap Up
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my sharing on the rule set Lost Legendaries. I would really appreciate it if you liked and/or commented to let me know what are you thoughts.

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Till my next battle sharing, take care, stay safe and happy battling!

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Your selection of Water fighters were strategic and paid off finally at the end.
Thank you for sharing this battle.
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