Qurator's Photo Quest | Bottle Photography

Hello hive world hot Wednesday from my country Philippines. Let's all keep dehydrated by drinking a lot of fluids and liquids. I'm here again to participate in @quarator's photo quest theme bottles. I was supposed to take all the bottles of my four year old daughter Ria. Well she's still drinking milk in a bottle, the sleepless nights are really unforgettable for me.

Ria's sister is 13 years older and she's already grade 12 taking up GAS course. In senior high school, she and her friends often hang out. They are friends since grade 7 and what I love is @katsuki29 always took a lot of photos for me. She knew that hive is a big help for us. The images; they are at the convenience store her classmates bought something, she took some candid shot and here it is my entry for this round. What I love of course is the beers it will make dizzy after I drink all of that 😅




Thanks for reading
Love, @usagigallardo015