Priorities over Earnings: Here is what I consider as a million-dollar worth of happiness

Welcome back,
In today's blog I will talk about the million-dollar worth of happiness. There was a discussion about working out of country vs working in our own country sometime back and that is when I gave this work, million dollars' worth of happiness to something which is not at all related to money.


I am working in my own country, contributing towards the economy and that is just one benefit for now. But I am a father and when I see some people in my own family working out of country living away from the family missing a lot of things for their job.

They earn around ten times more some earn five times more compared to me or an ordinary man here in India with same job but what they miss is spending time with family, giving time to the family, and most importantly contributing towards their new generation life lessons.

I teach my son various things every day, and those who live out just see their family on the video call and that's it. Also, the mother is left out alone with raising the child and that is really not easy, and I am saying that with my personal life experience.


So, yes those who are working out can say their priority is getting strong financially, but I think I can do that here in my own country even if I earn less. I see my family every day, I see my son learning new things and I keep that as my priority.

For me this is a million-dollar worth of happiness. Anyone working out, I am not against them, and I just shared how I see myself in this world, the life will end one day and so I can't live a majority of my life away from everyone in my family.

Thank you.