Navigating Binance Launchpads: A Cautionary Tale on Blind Investment

Welcome back,
In this blog, I will like to talk about the launchpads on binance crypto exchange which is said to be one of the top crypto exchange in the world. People surely trust the name of binance and that is one of the reason why people are also investing blindly in binance launchpads.

Top crypto projects are found on this exchange and there is a vision and historic data with us which led us to believe in these projects blindly. With historical data I mean to say the performance of launchpads in last bull market and we saw them going 10X and even 20X for some projects.


Recently as well ARKHAM went from $0.3 to $4 which is more than 10X even before the bull run has arrived. There are three months after the halving that will be really important for us and that can be the time when we might see further pump in the launchpads at binance.

But the question is whether it is the right decision to invest in launchpads blindly and if not then what can be the safe way to enter in to them. Well, if you will ask me it is never good to invest in any of the projects blindly even if they are supported by binance.

It is important to do your own research and then invest in these launchpads or any other projects. Yes sometimes we do count on these exchanges but there as well you should at least do a cover up research and learn about the tokenomics and vesting schedule of that token.


That will at least help you exit from that project at the correct time as some projects major supply comes in to the market after few months of them getting launched on the binance.

To enter in to them safely don't put your major money into the projects and also earn them for free. Stake binance coin and earn these tokens for free as here you will not lose anything and only win these newly launched tokens. I know everyone can not stake bnb but still that is a option.

What are your thoughts on the launchpads coins? Do you think investing blindly is alright. Do write to me about your views in the comments.

Thank you and Happy trading everyone!