Crypto Investments: Strategies for Identifying Promising Projects

Welcome back,
In today's blog we will talk about finding good crypto projects from the market. When bear market was with us, there were plenty of projects in the market that could have changed your life.

Talk about Rune, INJ, AR, KUJI, or any other token most of these coins went 10-20X in last 18 months. At that time people were sleeping on this market because for them it was already dead, it was not supposed to recover.


In 2024 the headlines were saying that bitcoin is about to break it's all time high and then bitcoin actually broke it's all time high. Suddenly people woke up from their sleep and decided to buy good crypto projects from the market.

Crypto market is always full of opportunities and if we can pick the tokens of what is actually trending in the market at that moment, we can make good gain in the market.

Like AI was and AI is still being talked about much and that is why we saw majority of the AI coins pumping well and they still have a lot of potential left in them. There are many small cap that can give massive gains in the upcoming bull run.

You need to find strong project supporting the trend, then they should have a good tokenomics and team behind that project. Check their partners, read their white paper and also their roadmap if available.


The truth is that after halving as well there are opportunities but then there is huge risk that comes with it. You can end up losing a good amount of money specially if you don't research on projects well.

That is the reason why people lose so much money in crypto market, once the bull run starts they start to follow the pump in different coins and that is where they start their journey to the losses.

Good luck everyone, I think for me it's time to pack my bag and just find the best time to sell.

Thank you and Happy trading everyone.


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