The Nightmare of Ranged Cards on the Battlefield

Hello everyone, welcome to another post about Splinterlands. In this post I will talk about a summoner that I started using recently and that gave me excellent results on the battlefield, her name is Ilthain and she will be the star of this post.

Who is Ilthain?

Ilthain is an epic summoner from the life deck and she belongs to the Riftwatchers edition, her mana cost is 4 and her utility will be to grant +1 speed to her monsters and the Return Fire ability.

In the image above you can have an overview of the Ilthain card. Being a summoner she will not show any difference in her statistics when she levels up, her usefulness when leveling up will be to use higher level monsters.

The table that shows the levels of Ilthain and the levels of monsters by rarity that it supports is represented by the image below:

As I mentioned before, Ilthain will grant speed and the Return Fire ability to your monsters, speed will be very useful for your monsters to be able to attack first but it will also be a disadvantage if the battle has the Reverse Speed rule (In the Reverse Speed rule, monsters with lower speed attack first).

The Return Fire ability will be granted to all your monsters and its function will be to deal back 1/2 of the damage received by ranged attacks, I will use an example so that you can understand better:

If a ranged card with 2 ranged attack attacks a card with the Return Fire ability then the ranged card will take 1 damage (1/2 the damage dealt to the card with the Return Fire ability). If a card with 3 ranged attack attacks a card with the Return Fire ability then the ranged card will take 2 damage (1/2 but it's not possible to deal 1.5 damage in Splinterlands so the value is rounded up).

As you can see, Ilthain will be the worst nightmare of ranged cards, in addition to increasing the speed of your monsters, it will also deal damage to your opponent's ranged monsters.

So that you can better understand how powerful Ilthain is in battle, I will demonstrate her power on the battlefield.


The battle that I will use as an example has the Goind the Distance rule, in this rule players can only use ranged cards, so it will be an excellent choice to demonstrate the usefulness of the summoner Ilthain.

Watch the Battle

Ranged monsters have a big disadvantage which is not being able to attack in first position, but there is an exception which is the Close Range Ability, this ability allows ranged monsters to attack in first position and so I will use Gargoya Devil as my first card in this battle.

Besides Gargoya Devil I also used Xenith Archer, Silvershield Archers, Venari Crystalsmith and Pelacor Arbalest monsters. These cards won't be able to attack in first position but will be very useful dealing damage while Gargoya Devil defends.

My opponent doesn't have any cards with the Close Range ability and he chooses Runic Skyclaw as his first card, it won't be able to attack but it has a high amount of Speed and the Flying ability so it won't be easy to defeat it since the chances her dodge attacks are high. My opponent also used the Lone Boatman, Venari Crystalsmith, and Centaur monsters in battle.

The battle started and I had big advantages like Gargoyal Devil and Ilthain but even so it won't be a very easy battle.

After several attacks, the battle still didn't have a winner but the advantage was still mine and my opponent must have been very angry with my summoner Ilthain since every attack he gave, he received damage back because of the Return Fire ability.

In the end my opponent could not resist and I achieved victory.

Having chosen Ilthain as a summoner was an excellent choice and when the Going the Distance rule exists I will certainly use it again.


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