Fragile but untargetable, see the Djinn Biljka in battle


Djinns have become very well known cards in Splinterlands, especially now that the current Rewards cards will be replaced and this means that they will no longer be minted so many players are already starting to stock up on these cards and I am no exception and went shopping to have my 4 Djinns in the collection.

For this post I'm going to talk about one in particular that I believe is very underestimated in battles but in my opinion is an excellent ally to have, especially when the battle has the Reverse Speed rule.

The card I'm talking about is the Djinn Biljka, he's 1 of the 4 Djinns that exist in Splinterlands and in this post I'll talk about him because I consider him an excellent card and I'll also show him in battle.

Who is Djinn Biljka?

Djinn Biljka is a legendary card from the Reward edition that belongs to the Earth deck, which means that there are only 2 options to have him in your collection. The first is playing ranked battles in Splinterlands to get chests and be lucky enough to get them in one of the chests that open, the second option is to buy them in the Splinterlands marketplace for $0.90 which is its current price.

For a legendary card I consider this a very low price and maybe this is your last chance to see it for this price because as soon as they are finished being minted I believe there will be a good demand for it and its price will increase. Remembering that this is not an investment tip and that there is also the possibility that the price of it will not increase or even fall.

Stats and Abilities

Now let's talk about the usefulness of cards in battle and that means talking about their basic stats (attack, speed and health) and their abilities.

In the case of Djinn Biljka his basic stats are very weak since he has little attack, health and speed but even so he is still a good choice for battles and maybe you call me crazy because of that but I will explain.

First its mana cost is 3 so you can't expect anything grand from the card, just know that it will be a good card to have in your collection when you face low mana battles.

According to his basic stats they are really weak, mainly his speed and life so he is the type of card that would be defeated easily but one of his abilities will help to prevent that from happening and even if his speed is low it will be excellent for battles with Reverse Speed rule since in this rule the card with the lowest speed attacks first.

Third, his attack is low, especially at level 1 since he only has 1 magic attack but if you use a summoner like Obsidian then his attack will increase by +1 and he won't be so low anymore, moreover at level 2 and 3 he has 2 attack so he could have 3 attack with Obsidian and at the maximum level he has 3 attack and that means 4 attack with Obisidian and having that amount of attack for a card that costs 3 mana is yes something amazing.

Finally we have his abilities that will make the Djinn Biljka more incredible.

Enable Level 1 (Camouflage)

The Camouflage ability will make Djinn Biljka safe even if he has low health because this ability will make him untargetable until he occupies the first position, so if you put Djinn Biljka in the last position he will be your last card to be defeated then you won't have to worry about your life.

Enable Level 2 (Void)

The Void ability will reduce the magic damage taken by Djinn Biljka and it may seem like it's not very important since his health is low so it won't help him much when a card attacks him and that's true but the main use of this ability will be to help the Djinn Biljka to protect itself from the ability Magic Reflect since it has magic attack.

Enable Level 3 (Weaken)

The Weaken ability is your last ability and it will reduce 1 life from all your opponent's cards while Djinn Biljka is in battle and as he has the ability Camouflage so you won't worry about losing this debuff anytime soon.

An incredible card that in my opinion is still underestimated, especially in terms of its value, but we'll see how the market reacts after it's finished being minted.


To better understand how the card works beyond theory I will also show it in practice in a battle so see how Djinn Biljka is in action.

Watch Battle

  • The battle took place in the bronze league so I could only use my Djinn Biljka at level 1 but even with the low attack I still consider it a good choice, especially in a low mana battle and also because he won't be targeted by my opponent's cards .

  • My strategy was simple and the battle had the Target Practice rule so it was one more reason for me to want cards with magic attack like Djinn Biljka since with this rule all my cards with magic or ranged attack will gain the ability Snipe so the main focus of my cards would be my opponent's back line.

  • I placed Djinn Biljka in the penultimate position and not in the last position because I had a ranged card so if it reached the first position it would be useless without attacking so placing Djinn Biljka in the penultimate position would be more useful in battle.

  • The summoner I chose was Obsidian which will benefit my Djinn Biljka and also my other cards with magic attack, besides having a large amount of cards with this type of attack was a great choice because my opponent's summoner was Kelya Frendul she grants speed and shield to his cards so cards with magic attack are very useful against her.

  • The battle went the way I would imagine it would after knowing which cards my opponent chose and having the ability Snipe on my cards was of great help because my opponent's back line was crushed by my cards since they had little life and then after a lot of blows I achieved victory having only 2 cards defeated.

  • In this battle, Djinn Biljka had the main function of causing damage since he only had the ability Camouflage but it was thanks to this ability that he was not defeated since he would be targeted by my opponent's cards and was defeated easily. Another great highlight goes to the Regal Peryton cards that served as a great defense being able to dodge attacks and the Goblin Pyschic card with its healing ability that was very useful helping Regal Peryton to survive longer.

That was my post about the Djinn Biljka card, if you want you can also look and participate in my daily giveaway that can be found on my blog. Bye!