A mighty attack and boundless health, meet Runemancer Kye


In splinterlands there is a huge variety of cards to use and that means there are many strategies to experiment with. To put together a strategy you will have to have knowledge about the cards you are going to use, the rules and the amount of mana available in the battle.

In this post I will talk about the Runemancer Kye card and in it you will find out what information this card has and how you can use it in your battles.

Who is Runemancer Kye?

The first question you need to ask is this and the answer to it is:

Runemancer Kye is a legendary card from the Riftwatchers edition and belongs to the water deck, this means that you will only be able to use this card in battle if legendary cards are allowed and if you use the water deck, if you use another deck like the fire deck so you won't be able to use it but there are decks like dragon and neutral that can be combined with the water deck so you would be able to use Runemancer Kye along with them.

To find Runemancer Kye's card and its information you need to go to the Splinterlands Marketplace or Cards and select All Cards. After that you can look for the Runemancer Kye card going one by one or make it easier to work by filtering the cards by Edition - Riftwatchers / Rarity - Legendary / Element - Water / Role - Monsters. After filtering, only Runemancer Kye's card will appear and you just need to click on it and go to Stats.

In Stats you will have all the information you need before using Runemancer Kye in battle, that means you will know the attack, speed, life, shield, mana and abilities of the card. In the case of Runemancer Kye, its mana cost is 11 and its attack type is magic.

Looking at the image above you can get an overview of the card so I won't go into much detail about its levels and the Power it gives.

As it is a card with a magic attack, Runemancer Kye can attack from any position but that doesn't mean you have to position it in any position, it will depend on which strategy you are going to use and despite it having a good amount of life and shield it might not be a good idea to place her in the first position, mainly because of her Life Leech ability.

Runemancer Kye has 3 abilities, they are Flying, Life Leech and Fury. In order for you to better understand how the card works, I will explain each of its abilities so that you have no doubts about them.

Enable Level 1 (Flying)

The Flying ability is acquired from level 1 so at all levels you will have it, its function is to give +25% chance to dodge melee or ranged attacks from cards that do not have the Flying ability. This is a high percentage and you can be sure that it will make a big difference in the battle, if you've already faced cards with the Flying ability then you should know what I'm talking about.

Enable Level 1 (Life Leech)

The Life Leech ability is also acquired from level 1 so you will have it at all levels, its function will be to increase Runemancer Kye's life every time she deals damage to the life of an opposing card and the value of life gained will be proportionate to the damage done.

Enable Level 3 (Fury)

From level 3 onwards, Runemancer Kye gains the Fury ability and its function will be to cause double damage against cards that have the Taunt ability. Taunt is an ability that is used a lot in various strategies so you can be sure that the Fury ability will be useful many times in your battles.

Current Price

To have Runemancer Kye in your battles you have 3 options: buy the card, rent the card or buy Riftwatchers packs.

Being a legendary card its price can be a little high and currently Runemancer Kye costs $17.44 in the Splinterlands market.

You can buy it by paying in DEC or Credits.

If your option is to rent Runemancer Kye then the price will vary a lot depending on the level and the moment you rent it, so it will vary a lot and therefore I will not give an exact value for her rent.

The last option is to buy Riftwatchers packs that cost 5$ in SPS + 1 Voucher.

In the option of packs it will depend on your luck so it would not be the best option unless you buy a very large amount of packs because the chances of getting Runemancer Kye with few packs are very low since it is a legendary card, but even the odds being low does not mean they are 0.

That was my post about the Runemancer Kye card, if you want you can also look and participate in my daily giveaway that can be found on my blog. Bye!


As a siren, Azura Kye loves spending her days in the sky and her nights deep beneath the waves. She is a third-generation Riftwatcher who grew up listening to her grandparent’s stories of the Chaos Legion’s invasion of their homeworld, Lemell.

Azura learned to fight at a young age and grew to become a renowned sorceress. She also has an incredible aptitude for runemancy and has developed a variety of mana-infused weapons and gadgets for her allies to employ in their fight against the Chaos Legion. On the battlefield, she has proven herself repeatedly, facing off against the Legion’s scouts on various realms and harassing their forces with clandestine, insurgent tactics. Once, she even single-handedly brought down a kraken.

Subsequently, she rose quickly through the ranks of the Riftwatchers. Time passed, and so too did the old guard. Azura was an obvious choice to replace them. Honored to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, she now wears the mantle of Runemancer. She is a natural leader and a champion of the people, dedicating her life to stopping the Chaos Legion threat.
On yet another world ravaged by the Chaos Legion, Azura Kae swam toward the harbor of a ruined city, guiding a merchant ship through the flotsam and jetsam. A thunderous explosion of water sounded behind her. She turned. Massive tentacles rose from the sea all around the vessel. One slammed upon its deck, crushing the crew beneath it. Another wrapped itself around a sailor, hoisted him into the air, and yanked him beneath the waves. The ship rocked from side to side, sending more sailors overboard. The sea churned and frothed around the vessel. It was perilously close to capsizing.

A kraken. Azura had heard tales of these leviathans, which inhabited the depths of many realms, including her homeworld of Lemell. She dove beneath the waves and swam toward it, her runic staff at her side. The shard of crystalized mana at its head glowed a vibrant violet.

Through the murk ahead, the beast’s massive shape emerged until it filled her vision. Tentacles writhed around it, yanking sailors from the ship and the water’s surface, dragging them down into the brine and crushing them until they burst in a cloud of crimson.

The muffled thunder of cannons echoed from the ship. Harpoons flew and jabbed into the tentacles like tiny thorns. It only enraged the kraken more. It wrapped its tentacles around the vessel, intent on dragging it beneath the waves.

Azura’s tail whipped through the water, and her wings propelled her even faster. She wove through the thrashing tentacles, toward the kraken’s head, and thrust her staff into its eye. It pierced the cornea and sank into the vitreous meat. Then the shard of mana at the staff’s head exploded with violet light. The eye bulged, then it, too, exploded.

The leviathan’s roar reverberated through the depths. Its tentacles flailed wildly. One of the ship’s masts fell into the water, its sail furled around it as it sank into the darkness. Half-blind, mad with pain, the kraken rose toward the surface, intent on ramming into the vessel’s hull.

Holding fast to the beast’s head with one hand, she used the other to drive her staff deeper into the ruined remains of its eye. Gritting her teeth, she drove it deeper still, until her entire arm —up to the shoulder— was inside the grisly socket.

Deep within the kraken’s skull, the staff exploded with magic again. The beast’s tentacles jerked. Its body twitched. It fell still, dead at last, and drifted upward. It breached the surface alongside the ship and bumped harmless against it.

A cheer went up from the surviving crew.