Making memories despite the odds


Despite all the ups and downs in my country now, I wouldn't deny the fact that I had fun along the way because life is too short not to enjoy the moment since I don't know what is going to happen next.

Someone once told me that the hardship in my country didn't get to me because she thinks that I look fresh every day. Well, to tell the truth, I did take good care of myself despite not having enough to do so, but then I believe that every little care counts as well, and more so when you are happy, you will glow even without using any skincare.

So now let's run back through the last six months and see what I have done so far that has been fun. Like I said earlier, life is too short, and for that reason, I always make sure to enjoy myself wherever I find myself.

One of my friends had her birthday some months ago, so we made it a girl's night out, and I can't deny the fact that I wish to have such moments more often, but then I have to work. She invited me to a bar, but I was reluctant to go because I was the only married woman among them, and I didn't find it cool hanging out late in a big bar at night. But then I couldn't say no to her, plus my husband wanted me to have fun with my friends, so he pushed me to follow her.

We got to the bar, and I felt like I had missed a lot out there because I was too busy with work, so we ordered barbeque and grilled chicken along with tequila. Haha, I am sure some people must have been thinking about what we wanted to use such a drink for. But then, we have to do what we have to do before the world ends.

So to cut a long story short, we started drinking the tequila after finishing up eating. I took the picture for my husband to see what we were having, which I never knew I would need for a post. Some hours later, after we were all feeling tipsy, we started dancing.

Once the hype man noticed we were dancing, he came to our table, which made it more fun.

The fact that it was only girl night made it more fun. Haha, then I thought of when I was still single and how busy I have been since I became an adult, so I took my time to enjoy the party.

A shisha pot was brought to the table, but I don't like anything that has to do with smoke, so I looked away while enjoying my dance with tequila shots.

The funniest part was that one of my friends was pregnant, and she was having fun drinking with us that day. At first, I was scared, but then she said it was good for pregnant people, so I just allowed her to enjoy the moment with her baby.

Some weeks later, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy—another celebration for us—but then she did the naming in the church, so we couldn't party much, even though there was so much food.

Sometimes we just have to enjoy the moment while it lasts because life didn't promise anyone of us tomorrow, so why not enjoy today and keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow to sort itself out? The country is not fun anymore, so we just have to create the fun part for ourselves so that we can be happy at all times.

Note: all the images in this post are mine