My Heineken Beer Chosen by my Partner


Heineken is one of the most popular Beer in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. In as much as precious metals cannot be found every nook and cranny, this beer cannot be found in every bar. It is a beer for special moment, as well as special occasions. Even in parties it is not served to just any individual that is how special Heineken is. Not all beer represents quality but this beer does.

How it all began. Today being a Saturday, I told my partner that I want to engage in #beersaturday challenge week 358 by @detlev. She was not really understanding me because she is not a Hive person. As soon as she heard it was a contest she decided to follow me to the popular mall in the vicinity. She actually did pick Heineken of all the Beers in the refrigerator. Her support for the contest and the way she decided to follow me shows that she is completely in support of the contest. She also emphasised that Heineken is not just a beer but a beer for champions. Since I am engaging in a contest i should pick it for the contest. I decided not to argue and we headed home.

Heineken Opened with joy

Red Star a mark of quality

Unique Design

Country boldly written

Can Opened and a sip taken

A second Sip consumed

Picking a canned beer over a bottled beer is a hard choice sometimes. However, occasions most times decides the reason i will pick a canned beer over a bottled one.

Can BeerBottle Beer
ContentMostly 330 mlMostly 650ml
portablilityCan be carried aboutCannot be carried about
Quantity per pack24 pieces per pack12 per crate
Alcohol content5%5%
TasteSame Quality TasteSame Quality Taste

All photographs are mine taken with my Samsung ! 24
In whatever you do drinking responsibly is a top priority