I call my Beer "The Williams"


This is my entry for the #BeerSaturday week 359 contest by @detlev.

My Saturday started on a good vibe. At first I had an indecisive morning. The indecision was either to do my regular work out indoor or do it outdoor because of the unstable weather. I ended up doing indoor. After my morning exercise routine I began my #beersaturday joyfully.

I chose Williams "Dark Ale" today as my beer for the week. I have been tasting other dark ale beer, so today I decided to pick this one. Williams is not just a dark Beer, it comes with its own wonderfully made unique taste. The shape of the bottle makes it look bigger in size whereas it is still a regular beer size of 60cl. This 60cl bottle cost NGN800 in regular bars, which is approximately $0.53 as at today. I said as at today because of the unstable dollar to Naira rate.

I decided to sip my bottle of beer afterwards, this is a beer I did not want to rush because I want to enjoy a taste of the sip. William is not just a beer that is so much rampant. In my next post I would like to invite some friends to come share the taste of this beautiful beer that will make one ask for more. After my one bottle I decided to close the curtain there. This is because no matter how we love our beer we must not allow the beautiful taste of it convince us into drinking to stupor. Being a responsible person in terms of drinking takes a lot of self discipline.

I call it the williams because I want to be very definite in description

ABV = (Alcohol By Volume 6.5%)
Color Dark
Ingredients: Water, Sorghum, Malted Barley, Sucrose, Caramel, and Hop Extract.
Taste: Dark Chocolate and definite bitterness
Best served Chilled

Note: It is the responsibility of everyone to take alcohol in a moderate way. Drinking responsibly is a disciplined art that has to be mastered.
All photographs are mine taken with my Samsung Galaxy A23