Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for November 29th

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The ¨WednesdayWalk¨ took us to an emblem near the coast (Es-Eng) by @jlufer


It's a pity that you didn't do your medical exam, but at least you had a nice walk around the city...
That fountain looks beautiful even when it doesn't work! You captured it very well! Also, I like the small port and the sidewalk by the river... It looks so relaxing...

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Report No.57. A trip to the Central Naval Museum (part 2). Отчёт о поездке №57. Поход в Центральный военно-морской музей (часть 2) by @yurche


Wow! That is indeed a huge exposition and I suppose that you could spend an entire day checking out the museum! That hall is huge and full to the top!
I still can't believe that people were traveling all around the world in those "small" ships...

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Hive Open mic week 190 / Cover "Gracia Sublime es" by @mirel0510


Impressive and beautiful, there is no other word to describe your musical works Mirelbis, thank you for always giving us the best of you, it's been a while since I've seen one of your videos at Hive Open Mic and it feels like coming home. This song represents very well the feeling of our weekly theme, you are always an example to follow 💛💙❤️

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Eagerly Awaiting The New Chapter of Praetoria | Land 1.5 Release by @vimukthi


Interesting to see how you got ready for land 1.5. I hope you managed to get started according to plan :-). I made some stupid mistakes lol

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