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"La bambola" (The Doll) is a song written in 1968 by Bruno Zambrini, Ruggero Sini and Franco Migliacci. The author faced some difficulties at first, as he was rejected by several singers, including artists such as Gianni Morandi, Little Tony, Gigliola Cinchetti or Caterina Caselli.

Patty Pravo didn't like the song very much, but she decided to cover it and the song stayed at number one in Italy for six weeks. "La bambola" was a great event and a musical earthquake. she explained loudly and forcefully. And for those watching it live or on television, it can't help but be a difficult watch. One of the unmistakable references of the 60s. Over the years, it has become the main motif or backdrop for several films, including Bigas Luna's film of the same name.

Patti Pravo broke into the music business in 1966 with her "Ragazzo triste" cover of Bono's song "But You're Mine" (Sonny Bono, Bono & Cher). She performed at the Piper Club and was actually known as "The Piper Girl." However, in 1968 she became world famous with La Bámbola.

In 1968 she married British man Gordon Faget, who was the drummer in her first band in Brighton. "We want to have a baby, but we can't have it while on tour," said the diva. She later married Franco Baldieri, her only husband who was not a musician. "We spent a night together and knew we were soul mates. The next morning I put my coat on over my pajamas and went to town hall to get married."

The singer-songwriter, a member of the band Pooh and who has her third husband, got married for the first time. “His agent asked him to choose between his band and me and he chose me. "It's over because the work has to be done and it's not good to fire someone who isn't working," she said. Eccentricity was a constant in her life. She had a complicated romance with guitarists Paul Martinez and Paul Jeffrey, whom she met in a recording studio. "It was normal that the three of us loved each other. We lived together in Rome," said the diva.

She first "accidentally" married Jeffrey in 1976 and then Martinez a few years later. The legendary singer said the strange misunderstanding occurred the day before she left on tour to Bali for her first wedding. "The phone rang in the night and I heard: 'It's Paul'. I thought it was Martínez and asked him to come with me. Instead, Geoffrey arrived, dressed in white and with a suitcase. "Everything went well in Bali and we got married." Unlike her later marriage to Martínez, this marriage was not legally recognized.


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