The best music: from the 90s | Rising Star Giveaway - Reward 10000 Starbits diary Round 55

They are songs that bring back great memories and have been recreated in amazing ways by our favorite DJs. There are many songs for different places, times and people. This is how hundreds of artists from around the world create famous covers, often surpassing the originals.

That's how the song "Tell Me Why" was born, and if you're here, you probably know Axwell and Steve Angello, two-thirds of the infamous Swedish House Mafia, from this era. It's a big hit at parties around the world. In 2006, they formed a project called Supermode to release the song, which caught the attention of many fellow DJs who played the song in various sets.

The song is a more integrated, danceable version of the original by Bronski Beat, whose 1984 album The Age of Consent included "Smalltown Boy."

And when you see and listen to Tiësto's video at Sensation 2006, one of the gems that stood out was simply something incredible

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