My Crypto Positions March 2023

new crypto pie.png

Inspired by a Revisesociology's post, I was well overdue for a bit of a crypto positioning review. Being pretty new to all things crypto related there is lots to learn and understand on the technical side but lots of the basic investing principals seem the same as other investments I have dealt with over the years.

I only started with crypto in the middle of the last boom in 2021 so the profits are not looking that good but I am happy to hodl. Basically I just do a bit of dollar cost averaging with small, regular purchases. But if prices get too high, I also like to add a few of the stable coins or gold related coins.

I am not much of a trader but I did sell some of my stable coins and topped up my Bitcoin, Eth and Hive when things seemed cheap recently.

I have 4800 Hive power which feel goods and I would be happy to increase (the Hive) even more. The more I see and learn about all things Hive related the more I like it. The purpose of this review is to maybe sell, swap out of some coins I don't really use or understand and increase my hive but also maintaining some sort of diversification.

I have and use the CRO stake for the rewards with there debit card, which is not as good as it was but it's still earning. I was thinking of finding a way to transfer some of the CRO rewards over to Hive but it maybe easier (and I might cop less fees) just to swap the CRO to fiat and spend it on the debit card.

My Bitcoin and Eth seem pretty balanced but I really need to sort out the "other" slice of the pie. Early on I was buying all different sorts of things. They all sounded worthwhile but trying to work out what they all really do is not that easy. Even selling these at a loss and switching to Hive might be more worthwhile rather than them just sitting there in an exchange.

hive tokens.png

My Hive split was interesting to put on a graph. I had no idea what it would look like. I am still keen to build and concentrate on the Hive Power but have been venturing deeper into Splinterlands and am enjoying the game and started to increase my hodlings in some of the other tokens too.

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Interesting! I've heard of and even held all of these cryptos except CRO and DOT. Is Hive included in the 3.1% other?