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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing this post in the Social media Challenge of this week in which i will cover the card upgradation and my investment in the chaos legion cards and will share the cards which i upgraded.


The efreet rarely speak of the Conqueror Jacek. When they do, it is in hushed whispers and behind closed doors, for they say that to invoke his name is to tempt the fates;Read more

CONQUEROR JACEK is a legendary fire Summoner from the chaos legion airdrop Edition and is my first legendary summoner which i upgraded to level 2 in the chaos legion edition and will upgrade the other summoners too for the gold and diamond leagues target. I already have the fire Summoner from the beta edition that i am using in my battles and this one will be the next summoner for my Fire splinter that i will upgrade to level 3 in the next phase but for now, level 2 is enough for me. However, this is not the higher level as lots of players have upgraded this card to max and in gold for their Champion league but for low level players like me it is enough to play with level 2 and the next level will be 3 but before upgrading this to level 3 i will buy the life legendary summoner to level 3.



Well, the day i got one BCX of this legendary summoner from a chaos legion pack i was curious to upgrade this to level 2 so i started renting out all my cards in the previous two Seasons and was collecting DEC and saving it in my other account when i got the First BCX from 15 chaos legion packs which i bought with 5 Rift Watchers Pack and got this one than for the 2nd BCX i sold Some Cards like Epic gold and level 2 Tarsa Rare fire Summoner to buy the 2nd BCX of JACEK for 23k DEC and the 3rd one i bought today for 22k DEC worth $14 in which i got 6k From renting and rest of the DEC i bought recently for CLP tokens but not used so i bought the 3rd one and i will upgrade it soon when the Cool Down period ends from the rental Service total investment for this card is $28 for me because the first one I got Free from the pack opening.



To be honest, i was buying this card in Bulk when the Price of this card was 90 and 80 cents but i skipped it that time because of having no Extra DEC you can see the market value of this card which i recently shared in my last post that i am going to mention here Read this post So after the new Reward cards SoulBound announcement the value of these legendary Reward cards get increased in very less time but i have completed the requirement of this card to make it level 2 for the swiftness and this card is designed for JACEK summoner that you can see the drawing and Design are matching so i am going to upgrade this card too.



SHADOW SNITCH is a great common chaos legion monster with reach-ability and Affliction at level 6 so i earned DEC from renting out my cards in the last season which i reinvest in the cards upgrading and bought this card at level 6 to get the benefit from its affliction ability and i upgrade this card at a cheap price may be the prices of this card will go up when the Lands start and i upgrade this card for the chaos legion Death summoner which is now at level 5 so i am going to reinvest all my DEC earning in cards upgrading next card is pending which is hill giant for which i bought 43 BCX and rest of the BCX i am going to Buy when i disabled the renting so in this season i will be upgrading the earth monsters that i will share on daily basis.

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