The Laughing Bandits : Saki's Lover

The other day, after I liberated Kechi Fishing Village from the hand of Mongols, I roamed around the village to see the activities of the people in that village. When I reached the dock, there was this woman crying out loud, and she was grabbing everyone's attention, including me, who was walking towards the scene.

When I reached the dock, the seppuku sign caught my attention. At first, I thought this woman was committing a crime and was ordered by the law to do seppuku. So I guess she was terrified to end her life with every eye watching her.

When she noticed I was there, she asked permission to speak to me. She told me that a group of bandits was terrorizing Komoda. Those bandits slaughtered her whole family like animals. It happened at her home, north of here, on the river. She told me her name is Saki.

I promised Saki that I would avenge her family and hunt down the bandits like animals, without mercy. When I was about to leave, I saw Saki bow down. She seems to be praying for my safety return. Poor woman. Without any further delay, I leave to north of here, on the river.

I took the main road, crossing the grassland. The sun was about to set when I reached there. I continue my ride on my horse, Wira, enjoying the beauty of the grassland, thinking that sooner or later there will be a bloody battle between me and those bandits. They will pay for what they do!

When I reached Saki's house, the front door was broken. It seems like there were a really bad tragedy happened not long in here. Stuff was thrown all over the balcony. The house was a mess inside and out.

Inside the house, I saw Saki's family stabbed and killed mercilessly. Their stuff was not stolen, some foods were still on the floor. Broken jar were everywhere. It looks like the bandits was searching for something more valuable than food. Their attack randomly hoping to find something valueable in that house.

I saw a dog outside the house in the back yard. It must chase down the murderers and then get killed by them. Poor little blacky. The dog, most loyal being, didn't ran away when it's master in danger, fight till the end of it's life.

Then, I tracked down lots of footprints left on the main road. The footprint showed me that there were lots of bandits responsible for the attack. I cannot wait to see them. Let them taste the pierce of my swords.

In the middle of the road, swayed by the rays of the sunset, I met an unfortunate man, Chokichi. Chokichie told me that he heard the old Kechi farm was freed, so he thought he'd bring the, horses, and medicine. Unfortunately, bunch of bandits found him first, took everything he said, but luckily, not everything, he still got his life. That's what most important. Saki's family doesn't have that luck. Chokichi said the bandits mentioned Komoda Village. Then, I headed to the Komoda Village.

The journey to Komoda Village took a while. No Mongols or bandits ambushed me in the middle of the road. The sunset was about to end, I took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

The atmosphere changed. Night was about to get started. I reached Komoda Village, got down from Wira's back, left him outside of Komoda and let him rest. I can see some movement, it was the bandits. I take out my sword and get ready for battle.

I lured all of the bandits from the village. I ran faster so they didn't manage to hit me while I was luring them to an arena that I chose. Most of them were carrying spears, but they just put on light clothing, which made them so vulnerable to my attack.

There were 10 bandits were triggered by my presence. The archer, as usual, attacked from a safe distance, while the melee bandits, attacked me, hoping to cut me down. I finished them one by one without mercy.

These bandits were tough enough to take my Heavenly Strike skill head on. They didn't die in one strike. So, I think, using my resolve for the skill will not be worth my move. I will run out of resolve before I could kill them all. So I chose the traditional way, the normal attack, to take them down.

I get hit by the archer few times. It was annoying! So, I headed to the archer and eliminated them. I don't want to give them a chance of winning because of the archers. They sometimes ran away to keep their distance with me but chasing them down was not the hard part.

Not just one archer, but they actually have more. More than one shooting me will be pain to deal with. The archer has less vitality, so disabling them was quite easy. One hard hit was enough to send them to the end of their lives.

This look so badass. My sword pierced through his chest and out from his back. While watching starlight into his eyes until the bandit dies. It was a night full of anger and blood. It was one of the night to be remembered.

The archers have been killed. The fun of melee fighting was about to get started. I keep switching my stance to hit the highest possible damage. Counterattack also get instant kills if executed perfectly.

When the number of bandits was reduced by half, I executed the Heavenly Strike skill, cut one of the bandit's hands upon perfectly launching.

One of the bandits was terrified by my Heavenly Strike. He fell to the ground and tried to run away. What a cowardly decision.

I don't allow run away from battle happened. While the terrified bandit, lying on the ground, tried to crawl away, I ended his lack of bravery. What a satisfying feeling to avenge Saki's family.

One of the bandits was corned to the wall, got stabbed, and died there. The tang long gave the capture a more creative look. Although it's bloody, that's the sigh of my victory against the bandit.

The remaining two bandits were struggling. The good thing was they didn't run away and fought to the end. That's deserve a honorable death and at list a bit respect from me.

The last bandits was killed in a dramatic way. The moonlight became the witness of my victory against the bandits in Komoda Village.

Then, I found a woman inside one of the building in Komoda Vilage. I ask her to tell me the truth, what were these bandit's laughing at. She said, some poor girl, Saki, was in love with Haruo, the man in charge. I probably already killed him just now. The peasant woman then continued and told me that, Saki told Haruo where her family hid their rice. She thought Haruo would return her affection, instead, he killed her entire family and took the rice. That's explained the broken jar I saw earlier in Saki's house. I need to talk with Saki because this is not she told me.

It was night, sky was clear. I can see lots of stars blinking on the sky. Just stunning.

I then returned to Saki, took the river, and headed south to the Kechi Fishing Village. It was night, a bit rainy, and the view on the sky was amazing. As if a big eye were looking at me from the misty yet clear sky.

When I reached the dock, Chokichi was already there. He told me a strange tragedy happened. Saki drowned herself in the river. He then added that Saki blamed herself for the deaths of her family. She was manipulated by Haruo. Then I told Chokichi that the bandits won't do any more harm.

I curious about Saki's dead body in the riverbed. So I dove in the river and saw the poor lady. She had already drowned and frozen. Poor Saki.

Then, I climbed back up to the dock, take my flute out and then started to play a sad melody to honour Saki. While the villagers came and pay respect for her.

So that's all for today. Thank you so much for your support, until next adventure in the world of Tsushima! Have a nice day! Goodbye!

Note : All photos were screenshots taken by me while playing Ghost of Tsushima game. My thumbnail picture was edited using PixeLab apps, and it is my face with samurai warrior armor generated by ToonMe app


I really like to see your post about this game, every screenshot is a wonder, I'm glad to know that Wira is fine (I'm sorry if I did a mistake, I'm trying to don't depend to the translator in my comments, lol)


The game is beautiful yet so much blood involved which make it even more fun to play. Wira is actually my horse, that's what I called him.. Yea he is always fine and well. Thank you for stopping by. Much appreciates it.


Awesome captures man, those landscapes are more and more beautiful, and your battles are more and more sanginary, thanks for sharing.