Investment opportunities of up to 50% APR on CubDeFi


Today I want to talk about all the investment opportunities that CubDeFi offers us and how we can take advantage of this 100%, why simply is something that we have to take into account, these investment opportunities are something that in the long term and if we are always updated with the prices we can make profits from something that is called "impermanent loss" and from my point of view is something that can increase our investments considerably.

I have a long time studying CubDeFi and this is simply something great what @leofinance has developed for all users to invest their money and also if you are a lover of this community the best thing you can do to help the project is to have something invested and make promotion to this DeFi platform so that other users can know it.


What is the best liquidity pool in CubDeFi?

I want to mention that the best liquidity pool we can have in CubDeFi is simply the one that best generates us the APR, this is where I want to explain how we can make profits with a DeFi platform using the impermanent loss. This is something that many investors should know so that we can take advantage of this great opportunity that this offers us, I will show below the list of the pools in CubDeFi liquidity pools.


From my point of view the bHBD-bHIVE pool can make us a lot of money because of its percentage in APR and this is what can become very good in the long run because we can simply make a good use of compound interest, so it is a great thing to do this and we can also take advantage of the impermanent loss to make a lot more profit if we want to do so guys. To take advantage of the impermanent loss in a considerable way I simply recommend using the bLEO-BNB because it just can be a great thing to do guys.

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