Extraordinary Attorney Woo: A review of the extraordinary Kdrama.


This Kdrama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, is a full package. It is such a great show.

Those that ran this project did an incredibly amazing job. The scriptwriter in particular nailed this and the actors are very amazing. I genuinely hope there will be a second season because my appetite is whetted for more. Haha.


A very intelligent autistic young lady who was abandoned by her Mum immediately after her birth had to grow under the watchful eyes of her caring Dad. She has a photographic memory and grew up to become an attorney.

What a story!

Every episode of this series makes it easier for us to view the world through the lens of an autistic person. She had so many things to deal with and I like how the story was tailored.

I genuinely had an insane adrenaline rush when I saw the plot for this series. I was curious to see how it will be portrayed and how the story will be developed.

Why did I add this to my watchlist?

1. I love Korea's legal system.

I have a keen interest in what goes on in Korea's legal industry. I've done a couple of research about their law and I have watched a couple of Kdramas that deal with their legal system and the hierarchy of power in the system.

From the title of the drama, you can already guess that there will be a lot of interesting legal battles. As expected, this aspect of the Drama didn't disappoint.

2. I wanted to know more about Autism Spectrum Disorder

I have never met anyone that has autism, but I have heard so much about the disorder. When I saw this Kdrama, I immediately pinned it to my watchlist and I did a lot of research about what it's like to have this disorder.

By the time they finished airing all the episodes, I was psychologically prepared to take whatever the show has to offer, but a part of me was worried because I didn't want to watch a show where such a serious disorder will be cajoled.


Interestingly, from the moment I started watching this, I became satisfied with the work of the actors and the whole team. There were funny moments, but even those with the disorder will find it funny. Nothing in this show was insulting to those with the disorder.

Overall thought about this Kdrama

Autism is a very dicey storyline to be explored in a 16 episodes show. Yet, the production team did an amazing job.

Each episode had a different case to be handled and each of these cases formed a sequence that built a very impressive storyline. Interestingly, each of these also stroke an emotional cord that will make you feel so many emotions.


The characterisation and the dynamics of each character were another fascinating aspects of this show. The lead female role particularly took her acting to a whole new level with her performance in this project.

She has such an amazing Character. I find it fascinating to see how she played this role. It's been a while since I saw someone execute a role so perfectly. It's even harder because she is someone that is completely okay in real life, but she immersed herself in her role. You could at first glance be convinced that she is autistic.

Yeah, she is that good!

Rating for this masterpiece

My rating for this show is 99.99% 🙂. Round that up with all pleasure. Haha.

On a serious note, for the sake of understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder, this drama sure serves as a great example.

Watch and enjoy ✌️.

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Now added to my watch list because I don't watch movies unless I see reviews... Well done


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It should be difficult to be an autistic lawyer right? So the character is well performed in your point of view?