I am now a Big Time Game Ambassador. Claim your Alpha access Ruby Pass today!

Are you ready for the Big Time?

On November 16th 2022 I went through the process of registering to become a Big Time Game Ambassador. This was done on behalf of @thgaming Guild as we need to have someone 'on the inside', and I am personally controlling all direct communications with the game dev team.

BIGTIME Poster.png

I have not posted about this Ambassadorship yet as I am a bit apprehensive about using 'referral links' in new P2E games. If you choose to sign up using my link please understand that there are always risks involved in crypto and I DO NOT want anyone going out and spending their rent money on Gaming assets! Right now the game is 100% Free2play so you don't even need to buy Land (Spaces) or NFT's to enjoy the experience and find NFT's while playing.

THGaming Enters the Big Time

In the last two months we have arranged Ruby Alpha Access Passes for more than 30 Guild Members. I personally provide a list of gamers every week (on Thursday) and the Big Time admins send the Access Passes over within 24 hours. This has given many of our Guild Members early access into the game and some of our gamers have already discovered NFT's worth hundreds of dollar, simply by playing!

[ Above ] The Game has recently undergone a HUGE update which you can watch in this 2 minute trailer video. This includes Personal Metaverse Spaces, Weapon upgrades (and levelling) and Public Events (in the overworld). It looks like they are getting close to a V1.0 Beta release in early 2023.

There are a few things I really like about Big Time:

  • They have NOT Tokenised yet, but they do have 'Big' plans for their Token in the future (when Beta is released).
  • Because they're in Alpha, they're not concerned with their Token price but rather on developing the Gameplay, which has seen steady advancement and a number of updates in the last few months.
  • This game feels like a AAA rated game with graphics and cooperative gameplay comparable to some of the big MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) out there!
  • Big Time relies on team building to conquer dungeons, and it's very easy to join a squad or recruit a team even if you jump in alone. You can play alone, but it's far better to group up in order to conquer higher level Dungeons with better NFT drop rates.
  • NFT's can be found within the game which can be sold on the marketplace or saved for later when Beta is released.

If you'd like to test out Big Time I can help you out, read on!

Claim your Ruby VIP Pass

Through the THGaming collaboration with Big Time Game, all of our Discord members will be granted access into Big Time. In order to provide Alpha access, we need to provide a list of names to the Big Time core team. For ANY GAMERS who want to enter, the details are below:

Big time 3.png

To get access:

[1] Create an OpenLoot account at https://invite.bigtime.gg/jim-crypto (my Ambassador Link).
[2] Copy your Email + Username (case sensitive).
[3] Join the THGaming Discord.
[4] Find the Big-Time-Game channel and request with @jim-crypto for your name to be added to the access list.
[5] Access is granted every Thursday evening EST.
[6] Optional Extra : If you'd like the 'Big Time Gamers' role on Discord let me know, that way you can be tagged when our teams go out exploring Dungeons.

The download is about 5GBs, so make sure you are on Wifi.

IMPORTANT - If you would like to Sign up using No Referral Link then please read : The official THGaming x Big Time Announcement Post from 15 Nov 2022. Please note that the Official Collab post mentioned is slightly dated as it does not include the latest release Video (Patch v0.24), but the sign up details are the same, simply using the 'standard option'.

Big time 2.png

As mentioned above, the game devs will send Ruby VIP Access passes to all players on our list. Said list will be handed over every Thursday evening (EST time). If you would like to leave our Discord after that feel free to, but we do recommend hanging around to mingle with your fellow Big Time players and joining in on Dungeon runs. Our community continues to grow, and it's always more fun to play with people you know!

Big Time Update - 14 Dec 2022

This is a great time to join the game, as a HUGE new update has just been launched—watch the 30 minute AMA video below for full details. This means right now you're only a few days behind every other player, and your ability to grow and achieve great things within the Alpha game is very possible!

Like all Alpha games, there may be glitches and future updates that completely change Big Time's gameplay and ecosystem. Besides allowing our players to gain access through the 'Ruby Pass system', THGaming Guild is receiving no benefits or sponsorship from our relationship with Big Time. We always try to remain neutral when partnering with Games and have NEVER been paid to promote any Game, Platform or Community.

I only profit from my Referral Link if you decide to buy something on the marketplace. As always, do not invest ANYTHING that you cannot afford to lose. You can play the game and find NFT's for FREE, so PLEASE test it out thoroughly BEFORE deciding whether to spend any crypto / fiat within the game!

Wrap Up

We believe that our gamers make the guild, and we want them to always feel as though they have a say in what we do. We are working towards more autonomy with the introduction of 'THG Guild Masters' that will help shape our future in different games as voted for by the gamers that play them. Introducing Guild Masters into our ecosystem is a work in progress, but something we are actively developing.

If you'd like to learn more about $THGAMING (our token) and recent Guild developments, read my latest article: '$THGAMING Token : Passive Rewards, Use-cases and Recommended Curators'

As always—and MOST IMPORTANTLY—do not spend any Money / Crypto you can't afford to lose! The global crypto market is undergoing what could be a long term bear cycle (more sellers than buyers) and/or extended "crypto winter", and everyone should be preparing for the long haul.

During the current bear market, Threshold Guardian Gaming will continue to innovate and collaborate while rigorously developing our Token, Guild and Economy.

If you would like to join THGaming and explore the #metaverse with us, find us on any of our Social Media below.

Trade safely, Game hard!


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Anyone who hasn't done this should get on the band wagon before it too late :)



I am super excited! The game looks already awesome and is fun to play. However it is really hard to find players to join a party sometimes and also it is frustrating that players do not read what the mission objectives are and don't stay together.
Would love to have a regular crew I can go and explore dungeons with when I stream...


We can start setting play times on THG Discord. There are quite a few active players, just need to get them in together at the right time!


Yes that would be awesome. Usually I decide spontanously when to play. But maybe there is a chance I can join in with others. !PGM


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