My Life's Crazy 6 Months!


I welcomed 2024 at home with my family as the new year officially began. We danced and laughed, we toasted to new beginnings as a new year always seems to deliver. I knew I was on the verge of a new beginning, but for the coming six months I had no idea how many new beginnings were to come.


As the new year began, new stuff were already on my to do list and it started in January when I tried to learn playing a Guitar for the first time. Many who knows me already know how much I love music and in particular playing the guitar instrument had always been on my mind too. Soon after, I finally decided to buy a semi-acoustic guitar. Getting one had always been one things I dreamed of.

Over the Internet I Slowly started learning how to strum a few chords and where to place my fingers through online lessons. It was always so annoying in the beginning, but I pushed myself to practice every day with the intention of getting better.


Balancing New Hobbies and Ongoing Commitments.

Even as I immersed myself in guitar lessons, life's other obligations continued as well. In February and March, I stayed focused on my studies, completing the second semester exams.
After the exam, I returned back to church and resumed participating in my church's choir rehearsals. There's nothing quite like expressing yourself through song with of fellow singers.

My responsibilities extended beyond the classroom and rehearsal room too. In February, I had to travel to Agbor in Delta state out of necessity, though the circumstances were stressful at the time. At least the journey allowed me to see a new part of Nigeria I hadn't visited before.


Embracing Web3 and Entrepreneurship

One of the most exciting developments over the last six months the Vibes Web3 music competition I joined till date. Starting in February, I began recording videos and actively participating in the vibes community. The vibrant community and future-looking principles resonated with me.

My interest in entrepreneurship grew as well when I attended an SME event in March and April. Connecting with other entrepreneurial-minded folks injected me with motivation to potentially start my own small business someday. For now though, I am content juggling my various side hustles while still prioritizing my studies.


Celebrating Life's Biggest Milestones.

However, between new hobbies, commitments and interests, I didn’t forget to capture as many quality time moments with the family and friends as possible. Time spent with friends, shared laughter times with friends, and friends’ special occasions were fulfilling to me.

During this time my son had his biggest celebration of all, his birthday in June.

Even though we didn't throw a big birthday, we still managed to make his birthday a special one.


When I look back on the last six months, I feel amazed by how I have pushed myself to achieve certaim things I have had in mind.

In learning new form of art like the guitar, to challenging myself in various aspects, celebrating family times, I made the most of first 6 months of 2024.

These last six months have proved to me that the state of the world will always have its ups and downs but surrounding yourself with loved ones who stand by your side and going after what you love can make it all a little bit less turbulent and a little bit more tolerable. Here is to hoping the next six months will top the excitement list!!
All images are mine