AI, Hieronymus Bosch and My Diary (March 24)


Today is March 24, 2023, and that's good.

These images were generated on Dreamlike according to my prompts

Respected Watchers have clarified one old rule of Hive: at least half of content in every post must be not only unique, but human-generated as well. I clutched my heart, because now it turns out, that if I want to publish 10 AI-generated pictures, I have to paint 10 more pictures myself. But when I painted my last picture at the age of four, its only viewer (kindergarten teacher) was hospitalized with an acute brain disorder.
The solution was found: I will not paint pictures, I will keep a diary. To read, or not to read, that is your choice, but don't forget the fate of my kindergarten teacher (he seems to be still in rehab).

Well, March 24, 2023

Of course, today all of us want to talk about Justin Sun, about whom else. There is hardly a single person on Hive who does not know about the conflict associated with this name. All users of the Hive either witnessed a "that hard divorce" or read this story a thousand times in the memoirs of oldfags, so we will not repeat ourselves. Let's not utter sacramental words that the very existence of Hive is due to Justin Sun, and if it were not for him, we are all still safely hanging out on Steemit. But, I repeat, this is not what we are talking about today.

As far as I understand, Justin Sun is accused of three atrocities: firstly, he did not register his tokens as securities, secondly, he involved some celebrities in PR, and thirdly, he bought and sold his own tokens to simulate increased demand from traders. And so I look at this list of accusations and cannot understand what any other person would not have done if he were in the place of a billionaire who issued his own cryptocurrency.

It is forbidden to involve stars in advertising your cryptoproject? That is, stars can advertise ketchup, sneakers and anti-dandruff shampoo, but not cryptocurrency? I don't understand.
He did not register TRX as a security? And all the other tokens in the world are already recognized as securities, right? It costs just 100 BEE to create your own token on Tribaldex, which is about $15 if I counted correctly. And that $15 could get me hooked on SEC, seriously? Those who figured out, how to put Al Capone in prison, should be fiercely jealous of the current law enforcement officers.
And the third point is the cheating of exchange activity, well, this is generally a laugh. Anyone can buy any asset, and then sell it, and repeat this as many times as they want. And what I write is not libertarianism at all, it is common sense.

People on Hive are very angry at Justin Sun, it is understandable and deserved. But celebrating the fact that he has trouble on ludicrous charges is a road to nowhere. Imagine that you have a neighbor, and he is a disgusting type. Not only that, he also stole your bike (let's add some drama, yes). You are so angry at your neighbor that you literally wish him dead. And then he gets arrested... for being blond.

And here the most interesting begins. On the one hand, you are happy about the arrest of a disgusting neighbor, but on the other hand... go to the mirror and see: you are blond too. And this means that tomorrow they can come for you. At the same time, it is obvious that the police will not return the stolen bike to you.
These guys have another goals.