AI, Hieronymus Bosch and My Diary (March 20)


Today is March 20, 2023, and that's good.

These images were generated on Dreamlike according to my prompts

Respected Watchers have clarified one old rule of Hive: at least half of content in every post must be not only unique, but human-generated as well. I clutched my heart, because now it turns out, that if I want to publish 10 AI-generated pictures, I have to paint 10 more pictures myself. But when I painted my last picture at the age of four, its only viewer (kindergarten teacher) was hospitalized with an acute brain disorder.
The solution was found: I will not paint pictures, I will keep a diary. To read, or not to read, that is your choice, but don't forget the fate of my kindergarten teacher (he seems to be still in rehab).

Well, March 20, 2023

Today I was walking down the street and saw a book in a shop window. Suddenly. Not a poster, not a collection of figurines, but an ordinary paper book. Perhaps my attention was drawn to the fact that this is the last science fiction novel that I read "from paper", or my personal acquaintance with author, or that the novel is completely ridiculous, or that five years have passed, at least, since I held "analogue literature" in hands.

I came home, immediately googled and found out that the book was published five years ago. Since then, this author has not published anything on paper, although he did not reduce his writing activity by a single gram, but completely transferred distribution to the internet. Many authors in our region have ceased to publish, and not because of the economic crisis, but for other reasons.

They say that the United States is now experiencing (or experienced recently) a real boom in "paper reading". Like, no matter how convenient gadgets are, reading from paper has become fashionable. I don't know if it is. But if so, then with all the external optimism of this process, this symptom is more negative than positive. A kind of last surge, the return of the patient to consciousness before the final departure to another world. This is how I see it. Sorry if I offended anyone.

By the way, FOUR different detectors of AI-generated text claim that this post is only 85-90% human, and 10-15% created by a neural network. This is the first time I have such a high score. Or rather, so low score. Well, you got me, lol.
And what should I do about it?
But why am I asking.
You, like me, do not know the answer. Even ChatGPT doesn't know.