Selfie Saturdays & Sports Saturdays on the FreeCompliments Community!

Happy Saturday to everyone! This is a weekly post announcing our Selfie Saturdays and Sports Saturdays themed day on the FreeCompliments Community.

What are Themed Days?

Themed days are topical suggestions for posts. As the FreeCompliments Community account grows to have a more valuable vote, themed posts may get a slightly higher vote percentage in order to encourage posting, yet would still be based on quality.

While the topics are themed on certain days, this does not mean that these themes are not permitted on other days. It’s just an incentive to encourage posting! All topics are allowed on all days.

Don’t forget that you have the option to place @hive-140084 (the community account) as a 5% or 10% beneficiary in order to encourage community and member growth. We also give out Ecency Boosts for quality posts to help support our members' growth!

What are Selfie Saturdays?

Selfies are a tremendously marketable and easily engaged form of blogging that’s popular on nearly every platform imaginable – including the old Reddit-based version of FreeCompliments. In fact, the Reddit-based version basically turned into a selfie machine. I don’t want that to happen on Hive. However, I also don’t want to exclude selfies. Hence, a day dedicated to them may be useful as another themed day!

Just make sure to title the post with “Selfie Saturdays” in the title. Add some more description to your selfie (either in the title or in the post area), and you’ll be more likely to get more visits and bigger votes!

A balance of safety and freedom of speech will be essential here, so I’ll establish some rules and guidelines.

  • Regarding selfies: be aware of what you’re putting out on the internet; if you’re uncomfortable posting a selfie, then don’t. If you do post an image, please don't post pictures of other people unless you have their express permission.
  • We will remain consistent with our promise to upvote all relevant posts in the interest of freedom of speech and engagement; however, we’ll enforce voting percentages as a mode of content control. Hence, pornographic content will not be encouraged as strongly as non-pornographic content (i.e. pornographic content would receive a significantly smaller vote than non-pornographic content). Minimal 0.1% upvotes may be implemented in such cases as long as the content is not illegal in nature. Artistic posts, or those with a clear effort to create some form of photographic art, would be more highly regarded, even if pornographic in nature. Just please label such posts as NSFW!
  • Child and animal pornography are strictly prohibited, and any suspicion of such will be reported to authorities.
  • Other illegal content is also strictly permitted, and any suspicion of such will be reported to authorities.
  • Don’t spam or you’ll lose the FreeCompliments community account’s votes completely. Spamming would consist of posting the same exact content over and over, or posting a very large amount of nearly-identical content over and over.
  • For the love of all that is good, please don't plagiarize!

What are Sports Saturdays?

This themed day will be all about sports! Post about games that you’ve watched, recaps, contracts, and predictions. Tell us about recent or memorable games in which you've played. Tell us some inspirational sports stories that you’ve heard. Get into arguments about who’s the best and worst (but respectfully!). Let’s make this day representative of the very best that sports can offer.

So that people are aware of the theme, just make sure to title the post with “Sports Saturdays” in the title. When other people view the post, this can help them see exactly what this community is all about!

Remember: no illegal content, plagiarism, or blatant spam!

Disclaimer: for helping introduce the idea of Sports Saturdays, @zahidsun will be a permanent beneficiary of these weekly posts.

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