HELIOS Daily Post - 2023.06.10

Hello Everyone,
This is an automated post designed to reduce comment spam related to the HELIOS Token project.

The goal of this post is to create a centralized place to divert all of our user's daily service notifications.

We also will provide some useful token statistics below:

You can find HELIOS token's market & supply details as follows:

HELIOS Price in Hive HELIOS Price in USD HELIOS Feed Price in Hive
0.1 0.033 0.221

HELIOS Circulating Supply HELIOS Total Supply HELIOS Burned Supply HELIOS Burned Percentage HELIOS Last Day Token Mint HELIOS Maximum Supply
422,090.484 862,524.491 440,434.007 51.063% 638.574 1,000,000

Always Remember... Let the HELIOS POWER be with you!
DELEGATE HIVE POWER to @helios.voter -- Earn 20% APR!
HODL HELIOS & earn -- 15% HODLER Rewards!
BURN HELIOS & earn -- 30% ROI on your posts!

APR may vary slightly due to the price cap mechanism to reduce token mint rate & increase demand which could result in a lower APR but also increase the value of the token due to supply & demand.

Contact us on the official HELIOS-VOTER Discord Channel or send a discord message to coininstant#9760


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