dCity updates


About dCity

dCity is a mathematical and trading game based on non-fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build their own cities with tokens representing buildings, citizens, and technologies, and earn income in the form of HIVE (based on ranking) and SIM tokens (based on city income). There are also cards that players can get only from playing the game, such as technologies, backgrounds, and prevention cards.


Changes in Taxes

Tax limits for the president have changed. Now, the war tax and basic tax can be set from 0% to 8%, and all other options increase taxes by 1% instead of the previous 5%. This significantly decreases the maximum tax the president can set, and players with a Law Firm should start earning SIM just from income.

Social Support Changes

A few more cards now increase social support:

  • Soldiers: 1 SIM for every Soldier.
  • Policemen: 0.3 SIM for every Policeman.
  • Drone Factories: 8 SIM for every Drone Factory.

Important upcoming changes: Overall social support will increase 3x with the next change, creating a social support multiplier based on income tax (SIM price). Social support will increase up to 3 times, but if the SIM price rises, the social support multiplier will decrease. We are also considering changing the initial SIM price value for calculating income tax, which should decrease taxes and increase SIM distribution from basic income.

Social support is currently a grey area and a forgotten mechanic, reduced from base income, which is almost fully taxed. Additionally, social support numbers are currently very low. These changes will increase the importance of social support in the game and bind it to the SIM price. This may also encourage players to diversify their assets, as relying solely on high social support cost citizens might become more challenging.

Law Firm Changes

The Law Firm's effect on tax has been decreased to a fixed 5%. With the reduction in taxes set by the president, we can reduce the tax effect of this single building from the first edition and add other options for tax reduction.

New Combined Building: Law Corporation

Cards Required:

  • 3x Law Firm
  • 4x Office
  • 2x Lawyer
  • 1x Public Restrooms
  • 1x Parking
  • 1x Bag of SIM
  • 1x Construction Site
  • 1x Basic Automation 1
  • 2x Better Documentation Practice
  • 1x Advanced Management


  • Income: 15
  • Popularity: -20
  • Required Workers: 80
  • Tax Refund: 45

The Law Corporation decreases taxes by a fixed 7%. Same as before, only one Law Firm and only one Law Corporation works for city, for maximum 12% reduced tax.


There is still loading stuff to clean up. We need to return all loaded citizens to their owners; some of citizens are already dead. Temporarily, we have hidden the option to combine Bones because people see their loaded citizens as available for combining on the interface.

Incoming Changes

In the near future, we are considering new developments to the game, and SIM BOX collection drop.

  • Young Citizen claim for Communal Housing, Luxury Street, Migration Center
  • Social support multiplier
  • Education, mining technologies rework
  • SIM BOX NFTs collection drop for SIM Club members, including:
    1. 1300 Chaos Legion packs
    2. $2000-$4000 in Splinterlands cards
    3. Small dCity collection


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