What does consistency mean to you?

Hello Cent platform! I'm back again with my life transforming post targeted towards encouraging someone on the hive blockchain and today it'll be on the term consistency. Good morning!


The reason why most people can't have the required breakthrough on the hive blockchain is simply because they aren't consistent in what they do. Consistency entails a lot and needs to tested and tried for some period of time before it can break fort.

What's Consistency?

The quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way.Source

This is the unique definition that suits the context of my post today. The term always simply means no break at any point in time, while the term particular way means creating your own trademark and following it at all times.

To succeed on the hive blockchain one truly needs a trademark that they're known for and once this is done, people tends to look for you using your trademark. Consistency has serious challenges of which being able to replicate what you're doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is one of them.

To be consistent on the hive blockchain, one needs to continue with creating contents and engagement (commenting and replying comments) on a regular basis. With this you build your followers and get more recognition from the Whales of different communities.

One mistake newbies make on the hive blockchain is that they easily get discouraged when their contents are not given a certain number of upvotes and this weakens their performance on the blockchain. Some have almost reached their breakthrough but suddenly their withdrawal from being consistent tends to rob them of their potential rewards and recognition on the hive blockchain.

So, consistency on the hive blockchain means continuing irrespective of low amount of upvotes received per post.

What do you think about consistency?

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