Battle Mages Secrets: An improvised strategy!


Hello everyone, This is @cantfoldaces participating in the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, in the best #play2earn game out there!! #Splinterlands!!

On my last Challenge blog post I have mentionned the little tweaks I should have made in order to come up with an even better, oppressive team. In fact, the opportunity came up right away where I had to show what I have leaned and turn an obnoxious Ruleset into my advantage!

Going The Distance

  • Only units with ranged attacks may be used.

  • Abilities: Close Range and Return Fire should be considered.

One thing I want to talk about before getting started into the battle is an honorable mention of the Monster: Drybone Raider

This Monster is rather effective when placed on the 2nd Position:

  • First, we can idiolize on the Double Strike Ranged damage.
  • The first strike will proc, Shatter removing the Armor that blocks our attacks, making sure the 2nd strike will directly land on the enemy's Health
  • Let's not forget that, in addition to the first strike shatter, Cripple will proc as well, reducing further more the total HP of the enemy => Healing less effective

But wait, what if it gets into the 1st position: we get a Double Strike 3 Melee Damage : The battle would be over before it even starts!

Without further ado, let's get started:


  • Mid high Mana Cap 35 Mana
  • Water, Fire, Death Available
  • Going The Distance & FabFour Rulesets

With this I have decided to go as follow:


Ability: Flying + Close Range + Deathblow

Cool stats for a Ranged Frontliner thansk to the Close Range Ability and a total of 7 Hit Points, Flying + 3 Speed will make it evade some critical shots in addition to being among the first to act. 4 Ranged Damage is decent especially if the Deathblow is proccing

The support

Ability: Triage & Silence

This Monster will provide the ever needed heal for out Tanker and Taunt Monster that would be detailed below, and can take up the tank position while still profitiing from the Triage

The Taunt

Ability: Taunt & Close Range & Void & Return Fire

THE monster for this ruleset! The synergy of the Abilities will be used a fellow:

  • First Close Range + Void won't be much of a use since we'll be placing this monster on the backline in order to make use of the Triage Ability.
  • Taunt to attract All the Damage to its Massive health bar sitting at 14 Health (and +1 Armor :D )
  • Return Fire, The much needed reflection Damage that would be thrown back to the enemy attacker, slowly reducing their health,

But there is more:

The Damager/Amplifier

Ability: Snipe + Camouflage + Cleanse + Amplify

  • Huge Damage: 5 Ranged + Snipe that either target the enemy Taunt or the 2nd Position Target!
  • Camouflage makes it safe from any sort of snipe/sneak damage
  • Amplify that would further enhance the Reflection Damage naming Wave Brood's Return Fire

Here's the Link to The Battle

Pre Round 1


The enemy wen't for a rather similar team composition while he focus on the Armor Repair for the whole team.

Round 1


  • No Casualities in this Turn
  • Ending up exchanging blow from both Taunt Monsters, Sea Stalker 5 Ranged hit is massive but ends up receiving heavy reflection damage
  • Ally Gargoya is at a slight disadvantage since it doesn't have access to the Armor Repair.

Round 2


  • The First Blood was drawn by the Amplify Return Fire from Ally to Enemy Wave Brood after receiving massive damage from the Team
  • Ally Gargoya is in trouble as it was left with a single HP.
  • Wave Brood is still standing strong.

Round 3


  • The Power of RNG hits hard: First it was My Gargoya Devil being eliminated by its mirror matchup
  • Then My Monsters manage to miss every shot in this Round! While the enemy hit every single shot!
  • The battle still ON.

Round 4


  • The battle still close, Sea Stalker manages to take down Enemy Angelic Mandarin, getting rid of the Enemy's Triage
  • Enemy Gargoya still unhittable, dodging every incoming shot.
  • Now we are short on health and hoping for monsters to not miss that shots!

Round 5+6


  • After a Heal from Angelic, giving us some hope, Wave Brood health is up!
  • Sea Stalker with another takedown on the Repairer ninja turtle, leaving a lone Gargoya Devil
  • Finally at the start of the 6th Round, Sea Stalker managed to takedown the Gargoya to clinch the WIN! for 1.39 SPS & +20 Rating


Here's the Link to The Battle

After Battle Commentary

  • That was a fun and satisfied Battle after making some tweaks and finding the right balance for my team composition
  • Next time, if the Mana allows, would deffo add a Repair monster in order to make my monsters ever harder to get through!

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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