Splinterlands Turns Six: A Look Back at the Milestones and Memories


First of all, I would like to congratulate the entire Splinterlands team and the Splinterlands gaming community everyone has completed 6 years and it is a matter of great pleasure that a lot of changes have happened since the initial days and a lot of people have been here people like change and people do not like this change. Those who have been around since the beginning know where this game started and where it has reached now and that 6 years is not a short year. I will probably always regret that I was not here from the initial days, but still I have been here for the last 4 years and it has been a very exciting journey. I didn't even know about it for 4 years and have learned a lot. In the years I have been in charge, many people are responsible for this who taught me a lot and helped me reach where I am.


Since the initial days till now, a lot of changes have come in this game and this is very important for the game because where updates do not come, the game becomes a little slow and users lose interest and this is a bad thing for a game. It is not good for. There are so many earning opportunities here that if you have been here since the first day then you will know a lot even if you are not here. There are many things added to the Splinterlands website that will help you a lot if you are a new user. This year, there have been many big changes in the game, the reward system which was intact for some years last year, there have been changes in it and tell me you liked it very much because here you now get a new option through which you can buy cards. Also without doing it directly without credit and dec. If you are playing this game then you must know about glint tokens.

A lot of new cards have come into the game in the last 6 years and many additions have also come it is expected that new additions will keep coming in a similar scheme and this is very important to keep the game running from time to time. The Splinterlands team keeps releasing something new due to which people keep investing in this game. Many players continuously invest in the game and due to this their chances of winning also increase. If you haul more SPS or should I say stat then your battle earning increases and if your battle earning increases then you can do more shopping from the shop in the rest of the season. I also bought some cards after the season ended and the shop were mostly rare and epic but this time I have decided that I will buy legendary cards only. Firstly, the benefit of getting a legendary card will be that my collection power will also increase rapidly and if I am lucky, I can also get gold foil which will increase my collection power even faster. This time in the season I have collected around 23k Glint Tokens, this is increasing every season as my SPS stake is also increasing every season.

There are many option downs available in the game and this is what makes the game interesting. I have always said that if anything keeps going on in a straight line then it becomes boring. Some tricks are necessary to be used in life to make it interesting and this game attracts people's attention by introducing new things from time to time and it also attracts users. The best thing will come is that they have hosted weekly contests to engage the users, through which people can participate in them and earn extra apart from the game. This is a good opportunity for people to generate extra income. If you want more information in this regard, then you can follow the official account of @splinterlands. You can join their Discord. By joining the official account of Sprinter Lands, you will get The benefit will be that you will be able to know all their updates and you will also be able to get more information about the weekly contests.

Till now, my journey here has been very interesting and now I have started understanding things a little better, so these days I feel a lot of joy even in fighting. I have realized that if you want to improve in anything If you want, you will have to work hard, whatever it may be. If you want to perform well in the game, then it is very important for you to know the basic things and other things to play the game, only after that you can play the game. Will be able to play well. And once you understand the game, you will start enjoying playing the game and it is very important that you do not do any work under pressure because doing so will not do you any good if you have a free mind. If you play this game and do not keep doing strategic strikes then you will also enjoy and this is very important.

I am confident that the way this game is progressing, we will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary. Time changes so fast that we don't even realize it. Hopefully, this game will continue to get new updates and we all will give more earning opportunities to the investors we will also invest here so that our earning opportunities can increase further. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone again.

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