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Besides, in an attempt to support a healthy ecosystem, BDVoter keeps an eye on @Splinterlands content and supports weekly challenges (Art Challenge, Social Media Challenge & Battle Mage Secrets). As the project strongly stands against plagiarists and spammers, content creators are encouraged to produce high-quality, meaningful, and original content that adds value to the blockchain. In short, we believe in creativity, so, show us the best of you!

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OG users making their move in SPlinterlands....

The post discusses how OG players in Splinterlands are taking advantage of the falling market by purchasing cheap cards and collecting gold foil versions to strengthen their decks. The need for marketing to attract more players to the game is highlighted, along with the importance of providing players with reasons to hold onto their cards and assets. The author expresses their desire for the game to succeed and mentions their support through buying SPS tokens. The post concludes with a call for the team to take necessary actions to regain the game's past glory.


Splinterlands | MOXIAN REBEL is the best card with Weapon Training

This post discusses the author's experience playing Splinterlands during the ongoing ranked season end. The focus is on the MOXIAN REBEL card with Weapon Training ability, highlighting its stats, abilities, and performance in battles. The author provides insights into lineup building and match strategy, showcasing a battle where the MOXIAN REBEL proves its worth. The post also includes a battle link and invites readers to share their experiences with the MOXIAN REBEL card.


Splinterlands — Only magic monsters without healing.

This post discusses a battle in Splinterlands with the Healed Out ruleset, which disables all forms of healing. The author uses a combo of the Magic Reflect ability and the Amplify ability to gain an advantage in the battle. The post details the strategy, choice of monsters, and the outcome of the battle round by round. Despite the challenge of no healing abilities, the author narrowly wins the battle with Life Sapper being the sole survivor. The post also includes an invitation to join Splinterlands using the author's affiliate referral link.


Splinterlands 🐉| Investing in CARDS or SPS? What’s Better? [EN/PT]

This post discusses the question of whether it is better to invest in cards or SPS (Splinterlands governance token) in the game Splinterlands. The post analyzes the earnings of high-level players, the pros and cons of having a card collection, and the possibility of entering the game with just SPS. It highlights the inflationary nature of card assets and the potential returns from investing in SPS. The conclusion suggests that players can choose to focus on either cards or SPS, or find a middle ground by investing in key cards and staking SPS. Overall, the post provides insights for both players and investors in the Splinterlands game.


Glint , Loot Chest and Rewards - Actualizacion de recompensas de Splinterlands

The post discusses the recent update in Splinterlands that introduces new rewards and loot chests. The video showcases the luck of the player in opening these chests and receiving powerful rewards. The update has been well received by the community, with additions such as lands, packages, and energy as part of the rewards. The post encourages readers to share their thoughts on the new changes and the rewards they have received. Additionally, a link to the Glint Shop Update: Loot Chests is provided for more information.


Splinterlands Glint: New Updates for Using Glint Shop and JACKPOT chance [EN/PT]

This post discusses the new updates for using the Glint Shop in Splinterlands. The post highlights the introduction of treasure chests with different levels, the chances of receiving rewards, the costs in Glint, and the maximum quantity per season. It also mentions the increased chances of getting cards of higher rarities and in gold foil, as well as the addition of a Jackpot prize where lucky players can randomly receive various rewards. The post provides detailed information on the rewards, potions, merits, and energy available in the chests. Overall, these updates bring a new layer of excitement to the game for collectors and competitive players.

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